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Upcoming Changes to Privileged Mail Processing Announcement 

The Massachusetts Department of Correction ("Department" or "DOC") is committed to facilitating its incarcerated population's access to incoming privileged correspondence. The Department's commitment to providing inmates' access to legitimate privileged correspondence can be impeded by individuals who seek to smuggle contraband into DOC facilities through mail that is falsely marked or labeled as privileged mail.

As part of the Department's continuing effort to prevent the introduction of drugs and other contraband into DOC facilities and to maintain the safety of all inmates, staff, and the public, the Department is implementing a new Attorney Verification System with respect to privileged correspondence between attorneys and inmates housed in DOC facilities. 

At a date to be determined, attorneys wishing to send privileged correspondence to an inmate housed in a DOC facility will be required to fill out an Attorney Control Number ("ACN") Request Form. The ACN Request Form will be processed, and each attorney will be provided with a unique ACN, and barcoded labels bearing the ACN. There will be no charge for the ACN labels. Thereafter, if an attorney wishes to send mail which is deemed privileged pursuant to 103 CMR 481.10, the attorney will be required to affix a barcoded label to the outside of each envelope being sent to the inmate.

Once an effective date for this Attorney Verification System is established, the Department will provide a second notification detailing the process for attorneys to obtain and submit an ACN Request Form. The Department appreciates your understanding and assistance in working together to keep inmates, staff, and members of the public safe.