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MetaTdex launches "Earn", the first tokens refund service based on smart contract

PARIS, FRANCE, December 1, 2022 / -- Recently, the decentralized exchange MetaTdex launched a welfare product called "Earn", which provides a refund service based on a smart contract, allowing users to enjoy safe and stable crypto investments.

"Earn" is a welfare product for all cryptocurrency holders, providing a refund service in three currencies: TT (Tdex Token), ETH, and SHIB. The exchange pool of Earn has a daily limit. When the total transaction of each currency reaches its limit, the daily purchase will be automatically terminated. The pool limitation of each token is 8 ETH, 20,000 TT, and 1 billion SHIB,
Moreover, to benefit more users, Metatdex sets a maximum limit on the purchase amount of a single user. For example, the maximum purchase amount of TT for a single user is 200 TT.

"Earn" provides users with a stable investment environment, which is suitable for all users, especially Web3 beginners. And as we all know, the fluctuating price of cryptocurrencies can affect investment. However, if users purchase tokens via MetaTdex Earn, when the token price goes up, users can earn income from it. If the token price goes down, users can refund the token to avoid the loss of the principal.

MetaTdex is a decentralized exchange supporting BSC, HECO and other multi-chain assets and liquidity mining services. Metatdex ecosystem integrated a public financial system which includes DeFi, DAO, GameFi, SocialFi, etc. And MetaTdex "Earn" function gives the chance to all people who want to experience the web3 investment with a small amount of money.

MetaTdex is not only a web3 financial innovation, it's also has entered the top 10 global DEX rankings. In the future, we will continue to develop financial products to help more users have a safe, stable, and efficient digital asset trading experience. So, whether you are a DeFi user or a new Web3 user, you can easily find a benefit that suits you on MetaTdex.

Earn function link:
You can access it using wallet browsers such as MetaTdex, Metamsak, Imtoken, Bitkeep, etc.

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