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Family of Georgia Man Left Beaten and Bloodied while in Deputies’ Custody Demands Accountability and Transparency

Body Cam Captures Dewon Greer Being Slammed Against a Concrete Wall by Sheriff Deputies Following False Accusation of Non-payment of Child Support

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, November 29, 2022 / -- A Georgia man taken to jail after being wrongly accused of not paying child support suffers brutal assault while in Hall County Sheriff Deputies’ custody on September 18, 2021, and the family is demanding accountability from deputies. This speaks to a systemic problem Black men are faced with as was the case with Jarrett Hobbs, 41, who was also caught on camera beaten by officers at a Camden, County, Georgia Detention Center, except unlike Hobbs, Dewon Greer was left bloodied all while handcuffed during the assault (Case Number: 2022SR002079).

Greer, 41, was pulled over by Georgia State Police for a minor traffic infraction during the overnight hours of September 18, 2021. What should have been a simple traffic citation resulted in Greer being taken to the Hall County Detention Center in Gainesville, Georgia after the father of four was incorrectly found to be behind in child support payments, resulting in his driver’s license being suspended and a warrant issued for his arrest. Upon learning of the arrest warrant, Greer told the arresting officer he had proof his child support payments were up-to-date, despite the evidence, Greer was still taken to the Hall County Detention Center.

As Greer arrived at the detention center for booking and processing, he told Hall County Deputies of the apparent mistake, despite this, deputies continued processing Greer. With his hands cuffed behind his back, Greer is taken to a holding cell and is ordered down to his knees. Greer complies and expresses difficulty kneeling down while handcuffed; despite his pleas, a Hall County Deputy is heard saying, “he’s going to get down on both of them knees” then a loud thud is heard on bodycam video after a Hall County Deputy pulls on Greer’s leg to quickly get him down on both knees causing Greer to hit his left eye on the concrete wall. Seconds after Greer hits his head, he loses consciousness - meanwhile, deputies on the scene acknowledge his bloodied face and eye. A jail nurse attempts to put glue on his eye but as the blood and swelling continue, it becomes clear more medical attention is needed.

Greer is then placed back in a holding cell with evidence of feces on the floor for 15 hours, now in a WRAP harness restricting his movement. The following day, once Greer is released from jail, he sees a series of doctors for his worsening eye which has become swollen, discolored, and causes him pain, dizziness, headaches, and blurred vision to this day. Greer also undergoes therapy and suffers from PTSD triggered by any law enforcement officer because of his encounter last September. Greer’s medical bills have exceeded $28,000 and counting as a result of deputies’ actions within the Hall County Detention Center.

LaRhonda Nicks, an attorney representing Greer said, “We are advocating on behalf of Greer and his family and pushing for full accountability and transparency as to why Mr. Greer suffers from injuries sustained while in the care of Hall County Sheriff Deputies.” She adds, “We are prepared to take all necessary action to obtain such accountability and transparency in the ongoing fight for justice in Dewon Greer’s case.”

While no lawsuit has been filed to date, attorneys for Greer maintain that they are exploring all options.


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