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Siquoyia Crump Releases New Card Game Dating Assassins, The Ultimate Dating Game

Card Game Image

Card Game Image

LAS VEGAS, NV, UNITED STATES, November 28, 2022 / -- Siquoyia Crump Releases New Card Game Dating Assassins ,The Ultimate Dating Game

Siquoyia Crump, a singer, songwriter, and technologist, is taking over the dating world with the Dating Assassins card game, the hottest new game for anyone looking for a fun night home, whether single, dating or married.

Seven years ago, after a relationship went wrong, Siquoyia realized the need for men and women in relationships to know more about their potential or current significant others. This experience all boiled down to not being able to ask him the right questions at the time. She wanted to be able to ask her dates questions that would show her exactly who they are and vice versa.

At first, Siquoyia wanted to develop a mobile dating game, but due to certain obstacles, she opted to go with the more nostalgic route, a card game. That's how the current version of Dating Assassins was born. The game features 150 questions developed after Siquoyia interviewed multiple groups of men and women, including her mother. The game features real questions men and women would like to ask when dating someone else, questions that, when answered, can either lead to a deeper bond or profound conversation. The possibilities are endless.

It took Siquoyia a total of two years to ultimately develop Dating Assassins. The name stems from Siquoyia's need to "assassinate your truth" because facts are the enemy of the truth. Siquoyia states, "I wanted [Dating Assassins] to be fun, but also want to get down under the hood and get some people to start speaking more truth instead of trying to be somebody you're not, you know."

The game play for Dating Assassins is simple. A couple can start the game by asking each other questions on the cards. If one of them takes too long to answer, or they begin to sweat because they can't answer, the other person can yell, "You have been assassinated! Game Over!" When the game is over, that doesn't mean the relationship is over. Siquoyia shares that it gives people a chance to talk about that question they couldn't answer. Couples can pause and delve into the heart of something that may provide more insight into who their partner is. They can determine if there are some values they don't agree on or see if their partner presents any red flags. The point is not to end the relationship but to make it stronger.

Harry, a user of the game, said about Dating Assassins: "We've only done one date so far, and I'm already thrilled with my purchase. The point of these cards is to get out of your routine and share a fun experience."

Siquoyia Crump is an experienced musician with a track record of success in both music and high-tech environments. She's the founder and host of Blu Alchemist Podcast and Siquoyia World Productions. Siquoyia also has certifications as a Full Stack Engineer from Momentum@Morehouse, Cisco Certified Entry Networking Technician (CCENT), Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching (CCNA), Unity – Game Development 101, and Zenva.

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