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anD, the words from a broken girl

Djuly Fleurant


Even in the middle of the night when my eyes were red and my body was telling me to sleep, my mind could not put it down. You made me smile and cry, laugh and reflect. This book is a work of art.”
— Raina Jain, CEO of Queen Bee
UNITED STATES, December 12, 2022 / -- “For the longest time, all I ever wanted was for someone to hold me and tell me everything was going to be okay. But I mean how could they? No one ever knew what I was going through. My smile always betrayed what I felt."

Dealing with loss, abuse, feeling abandoned, learning how to prioritize herself, and even experiencing her first love, young Djuly Fleurant comes to full terms with her past in order to grow and heal in her new personal memoir, anD, THE WORDS FROM A BROKEN GIRL.

From surviving an earthquake that left her island in shambles to living in the suburbs of Connecticut, Fleurant shares the challenges and lessons she had learned in the first 20 years of her life.

Those 20 years have presented plenty of challenges and soul-searching, and Fleurant is able to verbalize her emotions in a way that will serve as an inspiration to other young people struggling with who they are.

“By sharing my story, I can show others they are not alone and not the only ones dealing with life’s challenges,” she writes. “We all go through very similar circumstances, yet we feel so outcast and alone because no one talks about it. I want to build a community that makes that possible.”

Fleurant continues, "I can no longer hide from my past in fear that no one will love or understand me. I can’t please everyone and be who they want me to be in order to receive their love and acceptance."

The author says she has always felt that she has been expected to “pour so much out of my cup” to make others feel whole. But now it's time for her to “choose myself” and put herself first.

Fleurant says she is releasing the book this month to make it easier for her to shed the past at year-end and start fresh in a new year with a new chapter. “As I turn 21, I want to leave the past behind.”

The author has felt a strong sense of abandonment in her life, and still wrestles with what to make of it. Sometimes there are no easy answers. "I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a placeholder for people, until they find someone better. The second the next best thing comes along, they leave me with no second thought. In their absence I find myself asking why I wasn’t good enough."

Yet, the book is already serving as an inspiration and guiding light for readers.

"Even in the middle of the night when my eyes were red and my body was telling me to sleep, my mind could not put it down. You made me smile and cry, laugh and reflect. This book is a work of art." --Raina Jain, CEO of Queen Bee

"I'm sure many people, after reading your memoir, will feel seen and will look up to you, because I know I do." --Patti Oliva

Djuly Fleurant, author of anD, the words from a broken girl, is a very reserved individual. However, despite being reluctant to talk about her past and upbringing, Djuly wrote her memoir to come to full terms with everything that occurred in order to grow and heal. Regardless of how much Djuly debated whether she should publish her book, her ultimate goal was to help others feel like they are not alone. Djuly is creating a community where everyone can freely express their stories because she knows and believes that our past does not define who we are. She never wants anyone to be scared to share their stories, starting with her own. Visit

Djuly Fleurant
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