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Protein Bites by Steves Real Food Powered by Gussys Gut Fermented Superfoods

Protein Bites by Steves Real Food Powered by Gussys Gut Fermented Superfoods

"Protein Bites" by Steves Real Food features the fermented superfoods created by Gussy's Gut as the key ingredient powering its gut health benefits.

Gussy's Gut working with Steve's on this product is like putting a Hemi engine in a Dodge Charger.”
— Joel Baardseth, Steve's Real Food

DENVER, CO, USA, November 14, 2022 / -- Gussy’s Gut - a leader in dog microbiome health products has developed a transformational ingredient for the new "Protein Bites" product by Steve's Real Food. This treat makes life easier and more comfortable for dogs transitioning to a real food diet or simply in need of extra gut support.

Every year, thousands of dog and cat parents are transitioning their pets from highly processed kibble or canned foods to a raw or gently cooked real food diet in order to give them healthier, longer lives. This new treat features an innovative formula designed by Gussy's Gut for Steve's with these dogs in mind.

Thousands of households transition from highly processed pet foods to healthier raw and gently cooked diets every year. Our pets' digestive systems may not be familiar with the nutrient density and richness of ancestral diets, so preparing these pets' stomachs and digestive tracts to better absorb and utilize the increased nutrition can be very beneficial.

“We see superfoods as functional ingredients. These are rich in compounds like antioxidants, polyphenols, fatty acids, etc. Our fermentation process amplifies and optimizes these nutrients and compounds. You just won't get those benefits from laboratory-grown synthetic probiotics, said Gussy's Gut CEO, Rob Ryan. "Steve’s set out to make a premium product for their customers and I believe they've achieved it."

This is a groundbreaking ingredient partnership. Adding laboratory-grown probiotics is less costly and certainly easier to manufacture. However, these synthetic biological additives are not the future for animal microbiome health foods. Pet parents are demanding cleaner, natural, whole food-based pre and probiotics.

Gussy's Gut specializes in small-batch Lacto-fermentation of organic superfoods, grasses, herbs, and fruits at scale for customers directly through it's web site and also to premium pet food and treat companies like Steve's Real Food. Gussy's Gut never uses synthetic laboratory-grown pre and probiotics.

"When I saw the Gussy's Gut product online, I knew that Rob and Dr. Billinghurst were onto something. I was thrilled to learn they wanted to work with us to create a meat-based product knowing how powerful their proprietary blend will be," Nicole Lindsley, Owner, Steve's Real Food

The 100% organic and fermented ingredients crafted by Gussy's Gut that go into Steve's Real Foods Protein Bites is:

Collard greens, Cauliflower, Carrot, Fennel, Green Apple, Ginger, Chamomile, Slippery Elm Bark, and Peppermint.

Gussy's Gut was created by dog-obsessed entrepreneur, Rob Ryan, and veterinary surgeon and species-appropriate nutrition expert, Dr. Ian Billinghurst. The world-renowned veterinarian and author of the four best-selling books on raw ancestral diets of dogs came out of retirement to work on Gussy's Gut.

Dr. Billinghurst is considered the "father of raw diets" and the biologically appropriate raw feeding acronym, "B.A.R.F.". He calls the fermented enzyme and probiotic-rich superfoods made by Gussy's Gut, "the most important upgrade to canine nutrition in over 25 years".

"The cause of many of the illnesses we see in dogs today including degenerative diseases can be linked back to poor gut health. The key to addressing these is in the microbiome", said Dr. Ian Billinghurst.

The microbiome is a community of microorganisms (such as bacteria, fungi, and viruses) that inhabit a particular environment. Particularly the collection of microorganisms living in or on the canine and feline body in this case. This includes the gut, skin, and oral microbiomes.

Gussy's Gut is dedicated to making innovative and natural products for the microbiome of dogs and cats. It has developed a proprietary process for pets it calls "wild fermentation". This process makes foods more bioavailable and easier to digest than in their non-fermented form. It also increases their nutrient value.

The mission statement of Gussy's Gut is to "Support radically healthy, naturally resilient, balanced, and joyful dogs to live their very best lives."

The partnership with Steve's is the first of several that will be announced with small and large pet food and treat companies. Gussy's Gut formulation and manufacturing for premium nutrition brands include:

* Retail-ready custom freeze-dried powders that can be packaged with client's label and packaging
* Manufacture-ready frozen raw products that our clients can add to their existing manufacturing process


More about Gussy's Gut:

Gussy’s Gut offers their signature 19-ingredient superfood supplement called "Daily" exclusively at

This Daily formula contains over 180 vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, prebiotics, probiotics, polyphenols, antioxidants, phytonutrients, and more. All organic and food-based.

These nutritional elements offer health support and protective benefits which include:

* Healthy cell protection
* Anti-tumor protection
* Anti-viral protection
* Antihistamine effects
* Anti-pathogenic protection
* Gut and colon support and protection
* Diarrhea prevention and symptom reduction
* Heart protection

Daily's Active Ingredients: *Spinach, *Kale, *Parsley, *Cabbage, *Cauliflower, *Broccoli, *Beets, *Cilantro, *Dandelion, Grass-fed Goat Kefir, *Wild Blueberries, *Milk Thistle, *Rosemary, *Oregano, *Turmeric, *Artichoke, *Decaffeinated Green Tea, *Alfalfa, and *Kelp.
* = Organic and fermented.

Daily is sold in two sizes: 7.5 oz pack (135 teaspoons) and 3 oz trial packs (54 teaspoons).

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