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Huck Cycles High-Performance Electric Mopeds Tested to Motor the Military

Huck Cycles "Overland"

Huck Cycles, the creator of Overland, an off-road-optimized electric moped, is being tested by U.S. Military & various Government and private entities agencies.

CORNELIUS, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2022 / -- Huck Cycles, the creator of Overland, an off-road-optimized electric moped, is being tested by the U.S. Military and various Government and private entities agencies.

The popularity of electric scooters has begun to permeate into ever more exciting areas of transportation, and the latest development has seen both the U.S. Army and various other Government and private entities testing Huck Cycles Overland for tactical use.

Created by Huck Cycles, a veteran-owned American manufacturer of electric mopeds based in Cornelius, North Carolina, the Overland combines technology, craftsmanship, and aesthetics for a contemporary style that commands like a souped-up Sherman tank.

Founder, Brett McCoy, is an army veteran who sees it as an opportunity to return to his beginnings as an AirBorn Infantryman while supporting the nation in a slightly different capacity.

During a live fire scenario, 2 Overlands were used by U.S. Special Operations personnel. Uses included:
● Search and Rescue
● Border & Perimeter Patrol
● Air Deployment
● Medical Evac (rolling litter)
● Covert Operations
● Remote Deployment
● Mobility Cache

Originally designed for hunters, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts who wanted a powerful but lightweight electric two-wheeler, Overland is unique in the electric mobility space and provides exceptional control in all riding conditions.

Huck boasts a collection of hand-built bikes with thorough attention to detail. The electric moped maker has started a revolution in the market by manufacturing beautifully engineered next-generation electric mopeds that retain iconic designs.

Wrapped in a retro look, the Overland may be a blast from the past but only in terms of design. This throwback-style electric moped draws inspiration from the Honda Motra, a popular 80s minibike, but is highly customizable and engineered to meet today's rider's needs.

The global market for Motorcycles, Scooters, and Mopeds, estimated at 48.7 Million Units in the year 2022, is projected to reach a revised size of 61.6 Million Units by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 4.7% over the analysis period. The trend has gained considerable traction among experienced and new riders, including women, who spend on emerging models that also cover retro-styled approachable models.

What makes the Overland series so popular is that it is available both in a standard version and an off-road and a utility version. All mopeds are also highly customizable.

Huck's Overland S is the base model of the series. It has a 51" (129.5 cm)-long wheelbase, tips the scales at 145 lb (65 kg), and has a maximum payload capacity of 275 lb (approximately 125 kg). The full-suspension motorbike has 700 mm inverted forks in the front and 320 mm shocks in the back.

With panels available in 10 colors, you can go for the Overland S that best fits your personality. You can also configure it to come equipped with city tires, off-road, or all-terrain ones. In addition, Huck Cycles offers plenty of accessories for the electric moped, such as a front or rear rack or an alarm.

As for the performance of the Overland S, the motorbike can hit a top speed of over 45 mph (72 kph) but only in the off-road or private mode. It offers three riding modes.

Huck Cycles' Overland S electric motorbike starts at $5,800.

Like Huck's other models, the Overland is street-legal and comes with a VIN manufacturer's certificate of origin. That's one of the advantages of handling manufacturing locally in North Carolina, from welding the bare frames to handling every step of the assembly. As the manufacturer, Huck Cycles can ensure regulatory compliance.

With multiple speed modes, Huck's bikes can hit speeds of 45+ mph, primarily used for a class of vehicles between heavyweight e-bikes and lightweight electric motorcycles, with or without pedals.

Far from a heavyweight electric adventure bike, the 145-pound (65 kg) Huck Overland is a smaller, more nimble ride. It comes with a 3 kW nominal and 6 kW peak-rated motor and carries a 3 kWh battery rated for 40 miles (64 km) of range.
● Silent, Powerful, Fast
● road legal - no moto license
● 50 mph top speed (off-road)
● 90 Miles Range
● Tow & Cargo Ready
● Sling, Hitch & Platform Mountable

● 200 lbs
● 70" long x 32" wide x 45" tall
● Maximum Load: 400 lbs
● Tow Capacity: 250 lbs
● 4hr charge Time (solar capable)
● We will do everything possible to build and ship your bike within 45 business days.

About Huck Cycles
Huck Cycles was founded in 2019 by veteran Brett McCoy. Huck Cycles are U.S. Department of Transportation-approved (DOT) and are delivered with a moped VIN or motorcycle VIN, based on the purchaser's home state. With more than 700+ electric mopeds in 30+ U.S. and six additional countries, Huck delivers custom electric motorbikes using as many N.C. and/or U.S. components as possible. The company started on Instagram, and the bulk of the company's marketing and the majority of its sales were conducted on Instagram. For more information, visit us at or @huckcycles on Instagram.

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