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Company Branded Mobile Risk Management Platforms Engage Employees, Reduce Risk and Increase Profits

Mobile apps provide a way for companies to customize their mobile apps with their own branding so each employee has their own custom experience.

Custom Mobile Risk Management

Custom Risk Platforms Allow Companies to Build Branded Mobile Apps for the Same Price as off the shelf Point Solutions

When it comes to risk management, companies don’t make decisions, people do.”
— Cory Davis
CHICAGO, IL, USA, October 24, 2022 / -- When it comes to risk management, companies don’t make decisions, people do.

That’s why it's important to provide employees, vendors and partners with tools to make their jobs easier to track and back up the promises that executives make to their clients and partners.

Companies tend to think of risk management as a luxury that only large companies can afford. But, risk management is about keeping employees safe, analyzing errors that lead to rework, maintaining compliance with regulations and providing decision makers with real time information.

Risk management programs sometimes consist of bolting multiple software applications together or a one-size fits all offering that is bolted onto an HR, ERP or Project Management program. Or, companies will bundle a set of pdf documents in a binder from various locations and call it a risk management program. This “solution” is difficult to make the risk program available, actionable and effective.

Custom Risk Management is Growing 3x over the 18 Months

Companies can now build their own custom branded mobile apps on their employees' phones- not a web app that only works while there is internet but powerful mobile applications that work offline.

Mobile apps are specifically designed for every company. Companies bring together employees that work with developers like Real Time Risk Solutions, who will help them design custom mobile apps using their brand guidelines and help navigate the app store compliance requirements.

Like building blocks (think Legos), companies should be able to choose from a set of risk modules developed by experts to help them reduce risk. Modules are groups of risk management best practices that companies leverage which are tailored for their organization. Companies pick and choose what modules they want to roll out to their employees at the right pace for each company.

Risk Modules can include safety observations, environmental inspections, safety meeting management, time keeping, cloud-based file storage, SDS management, mobile form generator, equipment inspections, emergency notifications, incident reporting, lessons learned programs, Learning Management Systems, etc.

The modules should be intuitive and provide a clear, simple path for companies to expand their risk management platform into effective, efficient and compliant organizations. Companies benefit from connecting their workforces to a unified corporate risk management program to ensure full circle accountability.

In addition to having an intuitive mobile application for employees, it is also critical that executive dashboards provide meaningful and timely insight into the data being collected.

Whether documenting that employees are performing inspections, leading safety meetings or gathering the right information (photos, videos) for ADA inspections, look for custom software companies that have hundreds of dashboards as well as experience in developing customized dashboards for specific stakeholders in the organization.

When considering a custom risk platform, make sure to consider what content comes with the platform. Companies should be looking for a way to choose from a library of forms, inspection templates, safety meeting topics and sample policies that are designed for their industry and leverage best practices created by risk experts. Moreover, make sure that the custom platform is flexible enough to digitize your forms, create your inspections or build your own safety meetings.

What are the Benefits of a Custom Risk Platform?

Companies are creating a brand. A brand is what clients think of a company when they see their name. A custom mobile platform is the next step to building brand awareness and becoming a company that prioritizes governmental and internal compliance and is developed in conjunction with your employees.

Insurance premiums are rising (commonly referred to as a hardening of the insurance market) and companies need to demonstrate that they manage risk properly. Long gone are the days where companies fill out an online form to request insurance and hope for the best. Companies need to be actively engaged and lead the insurance policy conversations and demonstrate that they actively manage risk.

It is well documented that companies that reduce claims lead to better insurance rates, repeat business, better brand awareness, attract better talent and are more profitable in the long run.

Are Custom Risk Management Apps Expensive?

Companies that try and build their own software platforms from the ground up are expensive. There are plenty of stories where companies hire a local software developer to build a solution and end up spending much more than they expected and it took much longer than they thought. The worst part is that companies need to continue to pay these developers to maintain their custom platform over time.

In today’s market, custom platforms are developed and deployed in the marketplace in about two weeks for about the price of purchasing a stand alone safety platform that provides only a single point solution. Companies are able to leverage the power and security of proven risk applications while customizing the platform for their needs and control the roadmap.

Does this Work for a Mid-Sized Company?

It depends on the culture that exists within an organization. If a company’s executive team stresses the importance of safety, wants to differentiate, strives to meet regulatory compliance, is considering implementing an employee incentive program and are bogged down by paper processes then a custom risk management program is ideal for the organization.

However, if a company has limited executive engagement with employees, doesn't have the will to innovate and puts profitability above all, then a custom risk program would not work. An effective program has to start with a good foundation and software alone cannot make a company better.

Real Time Risk Solutions

Real Time Risk Solutions is the market leader in developing best in class custom risk management platforms and has been working with insurance carriers and brokers for over 8 years. Now, tried and true custom platforms are now available for any company.

The Real Time Risk Solutions platform is less costly to own, easier to deploy, faster to adopt for entire teams, and more powerful in driving actionable, executive risk insights thanks to its intuitive design, built-in best practices, unique workflow automation and advanced data analytics capabilities.

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