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Jim Thebaut, Award Winning Executive Producer, Examines Lessons Learned from Hurricane Ian

James "Jim" Thebaut, President/Founder, Executive Producer/Director

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LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 17, 2022 / -- The State of Florida clearly had no idea that Hurricane IAN would result in a worst-case situation. Lessons from the catastrophe include accepting the existence and severity of the climate crisis as well as the fact that Florida's current urban development is haphazard, fragmented, and at odds with the reality of the world's ecological system.

The majority of construction in the United States has been built to withstand earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, and tornadoes. But as we've discovered recently construction has not been adaptable to the evolving impact of the climate crisis.

The majority of housing development firms have discovered that it is absolutely foolish to construct in a floodplain, and all landowners should follow the same reasoning. But many people who have experienced a flooding disaster and lost everything opt to rebuild in the same area because they believe it couldn't happen there again.

The reality of the concept and approach of regional environmental planning and design is mostly rejected or disregarded by regions across the nation and around the world, and they never give it a second consideration. Many urban communities in the United State, including Houston, Texas, take great satisfaction in rejecting the concept of planning as a whole.

A thorough grasp of the ecological system, the geographic and topographical landscape, the terrain, and the territory and design of the urban landscape that must be created accordingly are necessary for regional environmental planning and design. It is clear that during the IAN flooding, numerous streets in southern Florida became rivers, and alligators and snakes from the Everglades dangerously overflowed into the neighborhoods.

James Thebaut, award-winning Executive Producer states, "I've been advised by citizens of India that when the annual Monsoons sweep through the country dangerous snakes and other unwanted species flourish in the urban areas. Until the industrial world excepts reality and seriously begins to eliminate the dangerous, dire, hazardous life-threatening existence of fossil fuels the intensity of the Climate Crisis will continue to be a threat to the existence of humanity, and ultimately the planet will need to exist without its human population."

Thebaut concludes, "Government officials must act quickly to acknowledge the crucial relevance of regional environmental planning and design and to incorporate the process into efforts to prepare for the unavoidably catastrophic effects of the climate crisis. Florida is amidst a tragedy, but Babcock Ranch is an oasis. It is a community that was planned and built using "renewable energy," and Environmental planning and design and it completely withstood the IAN disaster."

Please see the link to a 60-Minutes in-depth news piece on the development which is an example of current and future rational designing with nature:

In addition to the Babcock Ranch example, all of the Los Angeles region water Utilities are working together to implement Water Reuse throughout the region. This is critical because of LA Region's evolving crisis to receive imported water from the Colorado River and Northern California. These critical water sources will soon be unavailable to the LA Region because of the climate crisis, drought, evolving population growth, lack of adequate infrastructure, and other factors.

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James "Jim" Thebaut is the President/Founder, Executive Producer/Director of The Chronicles Group. The Chronicles Group is an international nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization comprised of communicators, scientists, policy leaders, professionals, and academics whose mission is to accurately convey the existential threats confronting Earth, in the 21st century. The Chronicles Group began in 2000, and operates as a tool for public advocacy, and takes an aggressive, issue, and solution- based approach to documenting wide-ranging and urgent challenges humankind is currently facing, including climate crisis, overpopulation, human rights violations, biodiversity loss, pandemics, weapons of mass destruction, and the water/ energy/ food security nexus.

James is a frequent speaker at conferences, the United Nations and the US Congress; and continues his drive to inform the world and initiate positive movement where his work continues to shape holistic global sustainability policies.

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