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Redfox Management's Jozef Behr will soon establish a charitable organization to educate children

Jozef Behr Foundation

Jozef Behr of Redfox management is going to launch his own charitable organization name 'Jozef Behr Foundation' to educate the youngster of Africa.

HARARE, ZIMBABWE, October 12, 2022 / -- Jozef Behr, director of Redfox management recently annunciate good news for South Africa. In the coming year, he and his company are going to start a charity namely, ‘Jozef Behr Foundation’ to support and educate the poor young children of South Africa. The cornerstone of this charitable organization is the belief of Jozef Behr that everyone has a right to education despite the wealth he or she has. Education is the only thing that can lift up the status of any country or region.

Jozef Clifford Behr and Christian Alexander weber, the chief financial officer (CFO), who work alongside, established the Redfox Management Company in South Africa along with Ronelle Sinclair.

The Jozef Behr Foundation took place to help and educate children with different levels of study, along with other basic necessities. This charitable trust will provide food and clothes to the children along with education in cape town, mostly around the metro area.

There are several public, private, and foreign schools in the city, each with a distinct reputation and set of academic requirements. The primary cause of low or non-participation may be connected to the standard of instruction, the student's capacity for growth, and particularly financial restrictions, which are responsible for 13% of children who choose not to go to school. Compared to their more fortunate peers, children and adolescents from low-income families have a lower likelihood to enlist in school and more inclined to drop out because they have fewer resources, parents with less education, or they are raised by a single parent.

To make sure that a large number of these youthful individuals as possible can advance through their academic achievement without anxiety and having to worry regarding basic needs such as meal or school uniforms, Jozef Behr and his team concentrate on developing food and clothing program s in addition to assisting these young folks through their education.

Jozef Clifford Behr thinks that the teenage individuals he wishes to assist will be tomorrow's leaders of Cape Town, therefore providing them with food, clothes, and education is what he truly wants to do. Young people have a vital need for this, and these shortcomings shouldn't limit their possibilities.

Talking about the early life of Jozef Behr, he developed and advanced four companies with other partners throughout the four years of expertise. The organization supports businesses that enhance global markets in the area between Zimbabwe and other countries as well as with the South African black market. It also supports oil and mining industries that conduct business in the region and produce a variety of products. Fuel transportation activities amount to about 10 million liters per month.

In the 10 years that followed, Jozef Clifford Behr advanced through the ranks of the petroleum refining sector to become the business manager for local crude oil, diesel, fuel oil, and commercial oil. The next step for him to play a significant part in my current job. After experiencing years of prosperity, Jozef made the decision to take action to better society and established his own charity organization.

All the new information about the Jozef Behr foundation will be announced soon in early 2023 regarding donations.

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Jozef Behr Foundation Launching 2023