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Who is Eris Lazri The So for called "SEO Prodigy"

In the digital marketing space for about 2 years now went from studying 7 hours a day to now working with the likes of Dylan Vanas, Jason Capital, Garyvee etc

Where there is good, there can be better. Where there is ego there can not be progress.”
— Eris Lazri
LEZHE, ALBANIA, ALBANIA, October 9, 2022 / -- How did Eris Lazri go from a boy from Albania, one more of those private school students,to now being called "The SEO Prodigy"?
Ever since he was young he was noticed to be a little bit smarter than normal some people consider him to have been a genius. Then Eris was inspired by the Idea of helping others with inventions as he is pretty much left-brained and went to study electrotechnical engineering at the university of Sapienza in Rome. After studying every day for hours and passing his first year barely, he decided to drop out and start a marketing agency. He learned a lot while he was in Italy through the teachings of Tony Robbins in his events. After that Eris started studying psychology and started an easier bachelor's degree in Business administration in his Country Albania.
Today throughout his partnerships he is said to have worked with over 5000+ companies in order to increase their online presence some of which are to be mentioned by Garyvee, Dave Asprey, And many others. He is the CEO of The Sell Track a digital marketing fully focused on building ethical presences for brands and eCommerce stores online. Mr. Lazri is also the host of the "Kaizen with Eris Podcast" where he interviews people of success to understand the principles of success, majorly in business.
The brand he built "The Sell Track" is all about spreading the message of Selling is Service, as he previously quoted, so many people view selling as manipulation or deceit, but when you really view it as service that's when your brand starts to grow.
His father had a laundry business and his mom worked as an insurance agent. He also has two brothers, one two years older and the other four years younger.
Before fame, he used to have dreams of entrepreneurship and growing every day which is his motto and attitude.
Nothing is known for his relationship status as he prefers to keep that a secret but fans speculate that his girlfriend could come out very soon. He is truly a serving soul and I encourage everyone to check him out on Instagram at @erislazrii

Eris Lazri
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