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Future Grail is premiering an exclusive museum and end-to-end vault service with fully integrated web3 capabilities

The Gallery and Vip area

The Gallery and Vip area

The Museum

The Museum

The Vault

The Vault

Future Grail services include authentication, grading, servicing, 3D scanning, minting the NFT’s, fractionalisation, concession planning and storage facility.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, October 10, 2022 / -- Future Grail is launching an exclusive luxury watch and vault service headquartered in Singapore. Future Grail is premiering an end-to-end facility where customers can securely store their prized watch collections that is fully integrated with a standardised protocol for the depositing, digitisation and fractionalisation of watch assets.

Future Grail hosts one of the largest collections of historical time pieces going back to the early 1800’s deposited at its facility and on permanent display at its private museum. Members and Watch collectors will have the opportunity to experience these pieces in an immersive and engaging setting. Future Grail will also showcase some of the world most important collections and those of its members, be it for public display or for private exhibits and events, at Future Grail’s VIP Lounges.

Future Grails in house team, advisors and watch makers meticulously check each watch and provide the most transparent condition reports and related grading services. Their value added services include Authentication, Grading, Servicing, Insurance, 3D Scanning, Minting NFT’s, Fractionalisation, Concession planning and Storage for both physical and digital grails.

By virtue of Future Grail’s standardised blockchain protocol, customers will have a compelling range of digitisation services that will add value and functionality to their assets, sent directly to the customers wallet. Thereby, giving total proof of ownership and visualisation of your deposits.

Future Grail will also be curating monthly invite-only and public auctions allowing customers to sell their stored watches on their online platform supporting both fiat and crypto-currency payment methods. Future Grail will also be providing Fractionalisation Services to facilitate transactions via their platform and to eliminate the price barrier of entry for high ticket watches.

In addition, fractionalisation in its other form will facilitate more transparent planning in the event the asset rights need to be transferred, divided and/or distributed as per the customers will. This unlocks for the first time a whole new innovation in Sales, Succession and Wealth Planning Services.

Comments from the CEO on the news:
“Future Grail was founded with collectors in mind. Fostering trust is our core value and drives our vision. The enabling factor for us to take it to the next level is by building the most comprehensive watch and vault services. We have developed our own blockchain platform to digitise the deposited watches and provide lasting proof of ownership. We will also provide fractionalisation services through our platform that will enable customers to transparently trade, distribute ownership rights and administer succession planning to their lawful heirs. This will create further intrinsic value for collectors and the underlying assets. With our partners we are able to extend our services to 80 locations worldwide at the most secure storage facilities and provide our members flexibility and complete peace of mind. ” said Ali Nael, Chairman and CEO, Future Grail Pte. Ltd.

Comments from the Leadership Team on the news:
“We have custom built a standardised protocol and platform that we believe is the next logical innovation in the vault, storage and watch industry. We have already gained the trust of collectors all over the world and have amassed a large collection of rare and historical watches that currently reside in our space for which we have provided fully integrated services for. The launch of Future Grail heralds in a new era in luxury watch asset protection which has long been a gap in the market. Our curation services will include invite-only auctions for VIP’s where they will have the option to liquidate their stored watches directly via Future Grail platform with flexible payment methods supporting both Fiat and Crypto-Currency”.

About Future Grail : *
Future Grail Pte. Ltd is an end to end storage, museum and Web3 service platform headquartered in Singapore. Future Grail Pte Ltd’s has a diverse portfolio of rare and unique luxury watches on display at it’s secure facility. Future Grail Pte Ltd provides both Web2 and Web3 services to its customers providing secure storage and lasting proof of ownership. Future Grail Pte Ltd’s standardised protocol allows for the depositing and digitisation of physical assets. For more information, visit ( (

Launch at the Singapore Watch Fair : * *
Future Grail Pte. Ltd will debut with an exhibit at the Singapore Watch Fair from 26-30th October, SWF is nestled right at the heart of Singapore’s prime shopping district and a meet up of the best of independent watchmaking, showcasing and campaigning the manifestation of the perfect timepiece. JOIN US WITH FREE ADMISSION

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