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Common Causes of Residential and Commercial Water Damage

Phoenix Water Damage Services

Plumbing in a bathroom had a leak causing water damage.

Our technicians use a moisture meter to see how wet your structure is.

Water damage can be caused by common culprits but practicing good maintenance and taking preventative measures will help reduce the risks.

PHOENIX, ARIZONA , UNITED STATES, October 8, 2022 / -- Water damage is a common occurrence with about 40% of all property owners having experienced a loss from water damage. Knowing the common causes can help prevent water damage and can also help owners respond better if something does happen. The following are some of the regular sources that lead to water damage in residential and commercial properties:

Appliances and Equipment: As appliances get older, their tubes, gaskets and pipes can begin to rust or breakdown which will then have the potential to leak. Regularly checking your appliances for any rust, cracks or visible signs of moisture will help reduce the damage to the structure.

Plumbing Systems: Pipes and drains are susceptible to obstruction, clogs and damage. If they start leaking it can drip slowly, causing a spike in your water bill. Left attended slow leaks can cause extreme damage to your drywall, flooring and ceiling. If a pipe bursts in can soak your entire property and belongings within a few hours.

Natural Disasters: In Arizona there are Monsoons, severe thunderstorms and flash floods. When there is a large amount of water the land can not absorb it as quickly as needed and the excess may overflow into homes and office buildings. Rain water is full of bacteria, pesticides and dirt and is considered black water. Always use a trusted water damage restoration to clean up this type of damage.

Loss due to water damage is some of the most costly damages to residential and commercial structures. Ultimately, there’s no way to completely remove all risk of water damage to properties but knowing these common causes will help reduce the chances.

Free, visual onsite estimates are available. You can schedule on their website with a convenient online form, click here. Or they can be contacted at (602) 362-4883. Phoenix Water Damage Services is located at 2502 N. 89th Drive, Phoenix, AZ 85037. They serve the whole Phoenix metropolitan area. When homeowners and commercial property owners utilize these services, they will save time and money by having a trusted company do the job the right way the first time.

About Phoenix Water Damage Services: Owned by Robert Atlas, this company maintains a 5 Star rating on Google and is a certified partner through Rosie on the House, Angie’s List and Better Business Bureau. Phoenix Water Damage Services is a sister company to Phoenix Carpet Repair & Cleaning which has more than twenty-five years of experience in homeowner and commercial property carpet care.

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