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Jason Schimpf, AMAG VP Partner Services, Talks About Strategic Relationships, Symmetry Partner Program, eLearning & More

Jason Schimpf, Vice President Partner Services, AMAG Technology - An Allied Universal Company - An Allied Universal Company

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We are honored to speak with Jason Schimpf, AMAG VP Partner Services, about AMAG's unique value proposition, strategic relationships, the Symmetry Partner Program, eLearning, Open Systems and more”
— Martin Eli, Publisher

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 10, 2022 / -- Thank you for joining us today, Jason, and congratulations on your new expanded role at AMAG which includes: the AMAG partner ecosystem, training, inside sales operations, technical services, and field support, among other responsibilities. Before drilling down into these responsibilities in greater detail, please tell us about your background.

Jason Schimpf: Thank you for having me. I am the Vice President of Partner Services for AMAG Technology. I manage AMAG's technology partner program, training department, sales operations and inside sales. My responsibilities include shaping AMAG’s ecosystem strategy with best-of-breed manufacturers, expanding AMAG's education programs for tomorrow’s technicians, as well as leading the inside sales teams responsible for recurring revenue and field sales support.

I’ve been with the company for about five years and have enjoyed helping it evolve into a high tech company with customer service as the top priority. I started my security industry career in 2005 as one of the original employees at Arecont Vision, being instrumental in developing the megapixel and HD camera market pioneered by the company. My team and I built and deployed numerous successful programs for the company that are still in use today. I am a strong proponent of standards and the benefits of enhanced training and education for the security industry and currently serve on the Security Industry Association’s Education Advisory Board. We understand that “openness” is a hallmark of AMAG’s “customer first” mentality. The Symmetry Partner Program (, “offers a clearly defined route for companies wishing to integrate their technology solution with our Symmetry platform. Through the Symmetry Partner Program, companies can easily integrate their system with the Symmetry platform and join an impressive and growing list of security technology providers. The Symmetry Partner Program allows manufacturers to meet their customer’s critical requirements and deliver a trusted solution that is tested, certified and supported by the Partner.” What is your perspective, Jason, about “why partner with AMAG?”

Jason Schimpf: AMAG Technology approaches the market with a customer-first mindset, meaning all decisions made within the organization are from the perspective of “How will this help our customers?” In my short time here, I’ve learned that our technology partners find that approach attractive and beneficial to their businesses. We’re growing and have a solid list of enterprise customers within several verticals, including Fortune 500, government, education, banking, and any industry where compliance is critical. Tech partners see the potential for business, our stability in the market, and our reliable products and are eager to partner with us.

We continue to innovate, moving beyond access control, and are growing in the identity and visitor management market. We recently launched a mobile credential that will help users transition to using a mobile device to open doors, which is attractive in a post-pandemic world. Plus our analytics solution identifies behavior anomalies and assists with insider threat programs.

Our technology partners find value in all that AMAG brings to the table and they want to be part of the integrated solution that our customers choose. will read on ( that, “Organizations have a variety of security needs that require security systems, building management systems and devices to work together. That’s why we partner with the best technology partners in the industry to provide a complete solution. Our Symmetry solutions integrate with audio, biometric, license plate recognition and camera technologies, among many others, to deliver countless choices to our customers to enhance their security system.” Care to elaborate?

Jason Schimpf: As a trusted manufacturer, it’s critical that we partner with manufacturers that offer a wide array of solutions that complement our homegrown manufactured products. End users need specific solutions that are tailored to their needs and risks. Using AMAG’s access control, video management or identity management systems meets their need for a solid and robust platform.

AMAG must be able to deliver the desired, custom solution that meets our customer's needs, and teaming with best-of-breed manufacturers is how that is achieved. Additional benefits of teaming with these manufacturers are sharing best practices, experiences, and insight into customers, markets, and solutions. It gives AMAG’s team more practical knowledge than just what we experience firsthand. AMAG has built a track record since 1971 that is second to none in the security space. Care to discuss any AMAG Partners or key strategic relationships here that helped build that track record?

Jason Schimpf: AMAG closely aligns with a few key technology companies to ensure we deliver best-in-breed solutions to our customers. These key companies are extremely important to us and are treated as an extension of our organization. For example, we have quarterly business reviews where we discuss go-to-market strategies, sales, marketing and product integration updates. We resell these products and train our technicians to support the technologies. The marketing team actively promotes the integrations in case studies and on social media. We highly value our partnerships with key strategic partners like Salient Systems, Wavelynx and Zenitel.’re all adjusting to the “new normal” of our post-covid world and we read with great interest, Jason, that AMAG has made a very effective pivot to provide on-demand e-learning ( and training in addition to the traditional instructor-led training. Please tell us more.

Jason Schimpf: We started planning for remote learning in 2018 as we were looking at the future of our technician base. Even before COVID, the Millennial and Gen Z generations were already familiar with eLearning, self-paced education, and remote classrooms. By the end of 2019, we already had plans for a more robust eLearning platform, and we were actively preparing content for a more virtual world. Therefore, when COVID began, we were already prepared and quickly transitioned to a 100% remote class within three weeks.

The new eLearning system streamlined the remote learning process and provided the necessary platform for future expansion of AMAG’s on-demand and self-paced education. Our new hosted products will rely more heavily on self-paced tutorials and less on instructor-led training, and this platform provides that capability. You can check it out here: It seems to us, Jason, that what helps make the AMAG value proposition so uniquely compelling is the complete menu of Professional Services, Site Support Agreements, Technical Support (, field support, and sales support, that are part of the package. Please walk us through the main features and benefits of each of these areas.

Jason Schimpf: Site Support Agreements (SSAs) are a key area of our business that closely aligns AMAG with our channel and end users. Through the SSAs, our end users are provided with the service and support they need to ensure a system is operating efficiently and in compliance.

There are multiple levels of SSAs; the most full-featured level is the Platinum level which provides a dedicated account manager, direct access to Tier 3 support engineers, lifetime free replacement of AMAG manufactured hardware, and free training for the end user’s staff. At all levels of SSA, free software upgrades are available. More information about AMAG’s SSA program can be found on the SSA brochure (

Regarding Professional Services, I think the interview with AMAG’s VP of Client Services, Jeff LeBlanc, hits it on the head when he mentions that our Professional Services Department collaborates with our resellers and end users to aid in the design, implementation, integration and product optimization of their Symmetry Security Management System. Readers can read the full interview here on SecuritySolutionsWatch ( . Thank you again for joining us today Jason! Is there anything else you’d like to talk about?

Jason Schimpf: AMAG is a fast-moving, high-tech, open solutions provider that’s always looking at how we can support our customers and ecosystem better tomorrow. We are always planning for what’s next and working towards that vision so when our customers ask, we’re prepared to say yes and here’s how we’ll get you there.

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