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Crow the Courageous

Jim Samartino

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Confidence in children is a cornerstone to a developing mind.”
— Jim Samartino
UNITED STATES, November 2, 2022 / -- Jim Samartino’s mission sounds simple and noble: to build a community of courage by providing children a relatable example of how to be courageous through a compelling story, a fun companion board game to reinforce this message, and accessories aimed at building confidence and self-affirmation.

He is well on his way. In fact, the author/entrepreneur/creative spirit, under the umbrella of his latest company Samartino Stories, is launching a new book, CROW THE COURAGEOUS, an interactive story geared for ages 3 to 9 that allows children to actually participate in creating and writing the narrative.

The experience provided in CROW THE COURAGEOUS is different from other children's books as it encourages user engagement. The reader will become part of the story by writing in their own names to be used as one of the main characters and by having them bring the characters to life. This is achieved by using the book as a canvas that only contains background art and no character art. The reader draws the characters in the book or uses provided stickers on the pages to complete the story.

Children will enjoy the adventure of Crow and his farm friends as they turn an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to overcome their fears and save the day, despite their limitations. Crows, of course, are able to fly, yet the protagonist in this story has a fear of flying. The narrative eventually places him in a situation that pushes him to overcome his anxiety.

Upon completion of the book and the hands-on child participation, the reader should better understand the relationship between fear and courage while respecting the power of teamwork, non-quitting spirit, and being proud to be themselves.

To help bring this creative initiative to life, Samartino is undertaking a crowd-funding Kickstarter campaign this month. Interested parties can learn more about the KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN HERE.

In addition to the book, there is a family-friendly companion board game that further reinforces the positive messages of the book. “Crow the Courageous: Badge of Courage” is a cooperative companion game that complements the message shared in the book. One to four players will work together to overcome challenges and save their friends. This game uses basic strategy and supportive gameplay elements to teach young players how to not give up, problem solve, work as a team, use basic math, matching, and memory skills, all while having great family fun!

Samartino believes, “Confidence in children is a cornerstone to a developing mind.” To support this, he is offering a “Kit of Courage” complete with self-affirmation elements to further aid in building a courageous mindset.

Samartino’s family-friendly organization is based on building collaborative projects together and sharing the finished product with the world... and hopefully creating great memories and fun. How will he do it? It will vary from project to project, but the core will be the development of more children’s books, active participation from children, and resources and tools to help them create, develop and grow every step along the way.

Jim Samartino, father of two and living in Hillsborough, NJ, is a creative spirit who enjoys entrepreneurial endeavors. Samartino Stories is his newest and his third privately owned company. He previously was the president of Ninjace LLC, an apparel, video production, and graphic design company. Ninjace merged with Everything Epic, where he enjoyed five years creating board games and developing "EPIC" stories. After taking some time off to enjoy time with his children, he has now created Samartino Stories to foster the creative spirit of others in the development of collaborative stories. He also plans to return to board game development and share some of his other artistic interests. But regardless of the pursuit, he hopes he can set a good example for his kids, teach them how to run a small business, and make great memories for all those who choose to join him on this adventure. Visit

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