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MBZUAI and Petuum Partner to Unveil AI Showcase at GITEX 2022

DUBAI, UAE, October 5, 2022 / -- At GITEX 2022, MBZUAI and Petuum will unveil an AI Showcase. GITEX attendees who visit the MBZUAI booth will have the chance to experience the AI Showcase — a cloud of massive-scale generative AI models — and build a range of AI personas including chatbots, coding assistants, and sales associates, all in an intuitive text interface. Currently in beta testing, the Showcase is also capable of creating detailed, high-quality images with just a few prompts.

The AI Showcase illustrates how, thanks to breakthrough software, the key problem of access to AI models will soon be a thing of the past. An instance of the largest and most sophisticated open machine learning models will be available to use on an easy to use platform at the university’s booth at GITEX, as well as on the university’s campus to aid faculty, students, and startups to rapidly scale AI innovations.

The AI Showcase

The AI Showcase is a SaaS-based interface into models like OPT, BLOOM, and Stable Diffusion. These three models began a paradigm shift in AI applications which, together with CASL Alpa, make AI viable for anyone to use.

"MBZUAI is committed to innovation in AI. Our students and faculty work at the cutting edge of AI technology, which is why this project is so valuable for research and innovation. The AI/OS system makes it possible to teach CASL Alpa and other critical technologies in the classroom." Qirong Ho, MBZUAI assistant professor of machine learning and Petuum CTO, said.

By orchestrating bare metal infrastructure with AI/OS, the team was able to build a complete inferencing application in under a week. Some of the largest models have been deployed on infrastructure ranging from previous-edition AI GPUs to commodity GPUs used in gaming or cryptocurrency mining.

“Our mission is to unlock the future of AI for everyone, which is why we are so dedicated to the CASL open-source ecosystem. Petuum’s focus is on optimizing AI applications on any infrastructure. This playground is proof that now, anyone can run the most advanced AI models,” Aurick Qiao, CEO of Petuum, said.

Attendees that want to try the state of the art in AI should visit the MBZUAI center at Gitex. Visitors are encouraged to book their time in advance at MBZUAI students and researchers should inquire for deeper API/SaaS access.

“For the first time ever, we can use any GPUs to serve the most advanced machine learning systems, eliminating hardware and IP monopolies,” Adil Islam, the head of product at Petuum, said. “This is the beginning of the democratization of AI, and it is starting right here in UAE.”

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MBZUAI is a graduate, research university focused on artificial intelligence, computer science, and digital technologies across industrial sectors. MBZUAI aims to empower students, businesses, and governments to advance artificial intelligence as a global force for positive progress. The university offers an array of graduate programs designed for the pursuit of advanced, specialized knowledge and skills in artificial intelligence including computer vision, machine learning, and natural language processing.

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About Petuum
Petuum is a US-based company with offices in Pittsburgh and Silicon Valley, founded in 2016 by Dr. Eric Xing of MBZUAI and Carnegie Mellon University. With deep roots in open source software, Petuum has been helping customers with the toughest problems in ML operations. Now, Petuum’s breakthrough open source software and proprietary AI/OS are being deployed globally to serve massive models capable of professional language and aesthetic art, on any infrastructure or cloud.

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