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Set Up LLC For Cryptocurrency in American Samoa, USA

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Set Up LLC For Cryptocurrency in American Samoa for Protection. There are many legal issues you should be aware of before trading cryptocurrencies in the USA.

American Samoa, USA is the perfect location to set up LLC for Cryptocurrency. Takes 5 minutes!”
— Rich Gilmore
SILVERADO, CA, UNITED STATES, September 30, 2022 / -- Set Up LLC For Cryptocurrency in American Samoa

Cryptocurrencies can be a great investment opportunity. However, there are some legal issues individuals should be aware of before trading cryptocurrencies in the United States. Today's guide will talk about setting up an LLC in American Samoa and how to utilize cryptocurrency using this new business structure.

Many American Samoa residents want to utilize cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum for business purposes. Businesses will want to set up a limited liability company (LLC) in American Samoa for this purpose. This article will explain how.

Setup an American Samoa LLC with a digital currency business

Set up an LLC in American Samoa before doing anything else. This is a simple process, and this guide will explain how to do so. Once individuals have completed this step, businesses will be ready to utilize cryptocurrency in business.

Register a cryptocurrency LLC with the government of American Samoa at Https://

Register a cryptocurrency business with the government of American Samoa. This will allow individuals to legally set up a company in the US territory, which is essential for an LLC. The process is relatively simple; just submit some documents and pay a small fee.

By registering a business with the government of American Samoa, a company will be eligible to apply for an EIN or Employer Identification Number. This will allow an LLC to open a bank account and pay taxes on cryptocurrency profits. In addition, registering a business with the government of American Samoa will allow it to set up an LLC there, which is one of the most common types of businesses in the USA.

Obtain an Employer Identification Number (EIN) and other tax IDs.

A Employer Identification Number (EIN) is needed to open a bank account in American Samoa. Apply for this tax ID using the IRS website. It takes about two weeks to process, and individuals will be able to open a bank account as any other business would. Also, if an LLC is planning on accepting US customers or selling products outside American Samoa, companies will need a Sales Tax Permit from the Department of Commerce and Labor (DCPL).

Get a bank account for LLC Ownership

Acquire a bank account in American Samoa to process cryptocurrency transactions. This is because the US government has not yet decided whether or not digital currencies are legal tender so banks are hesitant to accept them as payment for goods and services.

Register an American Samoa LLC with the government in order to file 1099 for an LLC

Below are the Reasons American Samoa is the Best State to form LLC

Anyone from any state, territory, or country can know how LLC is formed in the United States. No American Samoa address is needed. No United States citizenship is required.


An American Samoa LLC is always anonymous, meaning it does not disclose the names of its owners to the public. This is critical in today's LLC digital world.

Personal Asset Protection

An LLC offers a legal structure that protects the owner's personal assets. This applies to all members of the LLC. American Samoa LLCs are protected by both State and United States Federal Laws.

0% LLC Taxes

LLCs formed in American Samoa do not pay state LLC tax, corporate income tax, LLC Unitary taxman franchise tax, or inventory tax.

Protect against Frivolous lawsuits

American Samoa's remote location shields businesses from frivolous lawsuits. If individuals want to sue a business in American Samoa individuals will need to fly there and show up in physical court.

Registered Agents

Save money on registered agent costs by being LLCs being own Registered Agent. Businesses do not need an address in American Samoa to be registered agents there. This had made the process simple and easy for anyone!

Free IRS EIN Tax Number directly from IRS.GOV

Obtain an IRS Federal Tax EIN online for an American Samoa LLC at IRS.GOV

Create an LLC in American Samoa online at

The perk of forming an American Samoan LLC is to enjoy a high degree of flexibility. To get the full variability and flexibility of an LLC in American Samoa, use a dedicated portal to speed up and streamline the formation of an LLC. In the end, most business owners are joyous to find out how much they saved their valuable time through the Official US Government Website.

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