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Axxis launches iOS app for customer rewards with iconic local brand - Sweet Rose Creamery

Axxis Now makes rewarding and connecting with fans and customers easy through our iOS app. Create unique rewards and experiences and build community.

BEND, OR, UNITED STATES, September 29, 2022 / -- Axxis Now launches it's iOS app for brands to reward their loyal customer and help build community with Sweet Rose Creamery as first client. Axxis Now makes rewarding and connecting with fans and customers easy through Social Reward Tokens.

Axxis Now, Inc. (“Axxis”) a Santa Monica based startup, released its iOS application for creators and brands to reward their loyal fans through exclusive content and offerings. Axxis offers fans the ability to buy, own and trade “Access Passes” (called “Social Reward Tokens” or “SRTs”) on an easy-to-use app available on the Apple App Store. Axxis’ Social Reward Tokens grant fans real-world rewards through livestreaming, mentorships, exclusive content, discounted merchandise and more. They are organized in tiered levels of access and are secured on the blockchain. They allow creators and brands to get paid for exclusive content and experiences and also pay generous royalties to the creators and brands when they are originally minted and also when resold in Axxis’ secondary marketplace.

In August, Axxis Now partnered with Sweet Rose Creamery, a small-batch, farmers’ market-driven ice cream shop from Santa Monica’s beloved Rustic Canyon Family restaurant group to release its first brand partnership. Sweet Rose Creamery offered “Magic Tickets” as their Social Reward Tokens to their fans: 1 Magic Tickets holder is collaborating with Chef/Partner Shiho Yoshikawa to make their own unique ice cream flavor; and 19 Magic Ticket holders are receiving one quart per quarter in 2022 of limited-edition, seasonal ice cream flavors not found in the regular menu.

“This was such a fun and exciting way to connect with some of our most loyal fans and make their ice cream dreams come true,” said Shiho. “We’ve had guests in the past ask about opportunities to create their own flavor or get their hands on smaller batch flavors, and Axxis provided us with the unique platform to make it happen in a seamless way.”

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