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Beware Business Owners: Imversed is Reinventing the Future of Marketing Using XR Technology

SINGAPORE, September 30, 2022 / -- The first ever XR-Land metaverse, Imversed, announced it will combine AR/VR technology with geo-attached lands to create an alternate reality. The business potential of bridging the physical world with trending virtual worlds is expected to define the future of the marketing industry landscape and maximize XR technology’s value. Imversed stated that their XR land concept visual display preview will launch in October.

XR is Already Boosting Sales
XR (Extended Reality), a collective term that refers to VR (Virtual Reality) and AR (Augmented Reality), is already a reliable and inexpensive solution for the mainstream market. This was recently made possible by improvements in hardware, software, and distribution models. Several market leaders are already taking advantage of XR to increase engagement and sales worldwide.

For example, HTC VIVE, the leader in room-scale VR, has already built headsets explicitly for commercial users to develop and deliver VR product simulation and training experiences. Airbus, Volkswagen Group, and Raymond Corporation are already using HTC VIVE.

How AR product visualization can boost sales has also been reported by Shopify, with conversion rates rising 40% for products supported by AR try-on technology, while return rates were reduced by 5%.

Businesses Need to Be the First to Catch on to XR
XR is a trend that will only gain further momentum over the next five years to transition from mobile devices to futuristic headsets and glasses. It will continue to influence forward-thinking businesses and marketers, with some already looking into AR/VR headsets or glasses applications.

As this generation plunges headfirst into XR worlds, emerging opportunities of advertising themselves around major cities in VR are becoming another focal point. Out of all the metaverse and virtual land projects, Imversed found the best marketing solution for businesses.

Imversed Found the Solution
Imversed.World is the first ever XR-Land metaverse. Imversed aims to create an alternative world by fusing AR/VR technologies with geo-attached lands. In other words, Imversed.World is a recreated XR world that anyone can physically visit by using an AR/VR headset to simultaneously interact with all virtual user-generated content posted.

“Imversed.World will revolutionize the way businesses and creators market themselves and spread their content, the possibilities are virtually endless. Numerous companies are already in talks with us to become the first partners and investors in Imversed.World.” stated Val Baev, one of the founding members of Imversed.

Imagine placing advertisements on billboards in Time Square in Imversed.World at a much cheaper price than in real life. Not only can metaverse users from all over the world access and visit the advertising content, but with AR/VR headsets and glasses becoming more popular, New Yorkers will also be exposed to it when they are physically in Time Square.

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