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NASCA Announces Ellington E. Churchill, Jr. as NASCA’s New Vice President

LEXINGTON, Ky. – The National Association of State Chief Administrators (NASCA) announced the election of Ellington E. Churchill, Jr. as the new Vice President of the Executive Committee.

Secretary Churchill joined the NASCA Executive Board in the alternate class of 2017 and became an At-Large Director in 2018. The Secretary is currently the fifth longest active state Chief Administrator (CAO) in the country and the most senior member of NASCA. He continues to advocate for beneficial changes to NASCA’s strategic long-range plans.

The Secretary has co-chaired the Awards Committee for three consecutive years, improving and expanding the quantity and types of awards to reflect the impact of NASCA more accurately. Focused on highlighting the value of NASCA, Secretary Churchill has contributed to NASCA podcasts and other content by participating in several professional development sessions and outreach marketing projects.

“NASCA leads the way in transforming government operations through shared knowledge across the country, and I am honored to serve as the Executive Committee’s Vice President,” said Ellington E. Churchill, Jr. “I look forward to using my experience as a state Chief Administrator to advance the association’s reach, goals, and mission.”

In his state role, Ellington E. Churchill, Jr. was sworn in as Secretary of the Department of General Services (DGS) on July 26, 2016. He brings extensive experience in large-scale business development, property management and contract negotiation to DGS. The Secretary’s varied responsibilities in the construction industry, proven-effective management and communications skills, and extensive experience working collaboratively with colleagues and clients position him to oversee the department’s operations in a manner that increases customer satisfaction and changes Maryland for the better.

The department is often the first called for those agencies and citizens in need. Secretary Churchill leads a diverse operation supporting all other functions of state government. Under his leadership the department has transformed its culture and operations to be more efficient, transparent, and vendor friendly. Responsible for a number of major enterprise transformations, Secretary Churchill currently leads the state’s efforts to modernize and professionalize statewide procurement, standing up the Office of State Procurement, and onboarding the state’s new eMaryland Marketplace Advantage electronic procurement platform. 

In addition, the Secretary oversees the Governor’s State Center initiative, which is responsible for the simultaneous solicitation, analysis, award, and upfit of newly-leased commercial office spaces for nine government executive agencies which will absorb more than 1 million square feet of commercial office space, providing critical support to Baltimore’s central business district, and relocating more than 3000 state employees from an outdated State Center and Saratoga complex. 

Churchill came to DGS from the Maryland Department of Housing and Community Development where he was the deputy secretary since 2015. 

Secretary Churchill is a graduate of Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, where he holds a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture and a master’s degree in Construction Management.