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Sachiko is celebrating the Mom Waist and Mega Thighs in this new Body Positive Anthem

"You Got It" Single by Sachiko Tiana

"You Got It" Single by Sachiko Tiana is Streaming Now.

MARICOPA, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, September 24, 2022 / -- Independent artist, entrepreneur and podcast personality Sachiko Tiana released her first single in over 4 years that’s already a fan favorite. The 37-year-old toddler mom, fresh out of a several-year trauma healing journey wrote most of this pop/R&B tune while giving herself a post-shower pep talk in the mirror. “My 14-year-old self, who had a raging eating disorder, would be AMAZED at the good things I have to say about my post-baby bod today!” The single was released on September 16, 2022, days before Sachiko Tiana’s 10 Year Wedding Anniversary.

Sachiko Tiana is not only a different kind of artist but she’s also a role model - creating a sense of safety and acceptance for people of all walks of life. Music has always been present in her life like it has for many others, but she takes it a step further to make sure the art she creates always tells a story of triumph over trauma. While the song speaks of a transition to self-love, Sachiko has had to work through unspeakable tragedy in order to have a healthy relationship with herself. Far from perfect, she wants to be a glowing example of what’s possible as people lean into their own healing journey and embrace their deepest and most authentic selves, but make it spicy.

"You Got It" was released on September 16, 2022, on Spotify, iTunes and other popular platforms. For more information go to or connect on Social Media @theSachikoTiana.

To stream "You Got It" by Sachiko Tiana visit: . Try not to get the catchy chorus stuck in the head.

About Sachiko Tiana
Sachiko Tiana seems like an unlikely candidate for a Pop/R&B body-positive anthem, but it’s exactly her love for defying convention that created this mirror pep talk turned self-love mantra embodied in the song. As Sachiko gives herself permission to love and appreciate her 37-year-old post-baby, bell's-palsy-having imperfect face, and body, she gives everyone who listens to the same permission to have unapologetic self-love for whatever shape or size they see in the mirror too.

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