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Oncologist Dr. Suresh Advani Shares Tips to Fight the Fear of Cancer Recurrence

best oncologist in Mumbai

best oncologist in Mumbai

Oncologist Dr. Suresh Advani talks about the tips that aid the recovery process and helps with fighting the fear of cancer recurrence.

MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, September 23, 2022 / -- Oncologist Dr. Suresh Advani talks about the tips that aid the recovery process and helps with fighting the fear of cancer recurrence. Intending to ease survivors' pain, Dr. Advani shares his experience with cancer survivors and their fear of cancer recurrence and highlights an approach toward life that helps cope with the constant fear of recurrence, stress and anxiety.

Cancer is a disease that affects the body's immune system and takes all aspects of health on a toll. It weakens the body physically and affects emotional and mental health equally. Thus, after completing the treatment and surviving the disease, a constant fear affecting the survivor mentally and emotionally is the fear of recurrence. Cancer recurrence is the possibility of cancer disease reappearing in the body post-treatment. Where local recurrence means reappearing of cancer in the place where cancer began originally, Distant recurrence refers to the reappearing of cancer in other organs and tissues through spreading, far from the place of original cancer.

According to Dr. Suresh Advani, a top oncologist in India, Cancer certainly changes life drastically; however, it is essential to restart the new chapter of life with positivity and change in attitude to promote good health in all aspects. And to begin with a positive attitude, it is crucial to keep the stress and fear of cancer recurrence at bay.

Sharing with experience, the best oncologist in Mumbai further highlights a better approach toward life after beating cancer and ways to fight the fear of cancer recurrence for the survivor.

Post-treatment Follow-up: According to Dr. Advani, every cancer has a specific protocol to follow post-treatment for a speedy recovery and good health. Following it appropriately as per the advice of the oncologist helps with reducing stress, anxiety, and the fear of cancer reappearance.

Identifying The Emotions And Not Letting Negativity Take Over: Cancer survivors often worry about cancer recurrence, significantly affecting their mental and emotional health. Fear, anxiety, and stress are common signs of negative emotions; survivors must identify the feelings and take appropriate actions to fight this negativity and prevent the fear from taking over their thoughts. This approach helps eliminate thoughts that affect mental and emotional health and overpower them with a positive mindset.

Accepting And Acknowledging The Fears: Dr. Suresh Advani says, “Running away from the fear and not accepting it will not push the feelings away; instead, will create a barrier in the process that can keep the survivor away from overcoming the fear.” Thus, accepting the emotion and acknowledging the fear will identify the cause of anxiety and stress. This will eventually help with overpowering the stress with an open-minded attitude. However, it is also essential to follow up with the post-treatment visit, oncologist consultancy, tests, etc.

Joining Cancer Survivor Programs: Survivor needs to surround themselves with positivity and reduce the loneliness of being a survivor. Cancer survivor programs also help cope with the fear of recurrence and fight stress and anxiety through sharing and learning about it in depth and knowing that the survivor is not the only one fighting the fear.

Well-Informed Approach Towards Life With Healthy Choices: One of the most critical aspects of eliminating cancer post-battle fears is to have a well-informed approach. Seeking advice from medical professionals aware of the survivor’s history regarding problems, pain, anxiety, or inconvenience can help with well-informed advice. It also helps with knowing the symptoms and, thus, knowing beforehand about cancer recurrence. A life with healthy choices also plays a vital role in reducing stress, fear, and anxiety and enables the survivor to inspire others battling the disease. Good food, enough sleep, regular exercise, and a hobby that uplifts mental and emotional aspects of health gradually helps with solid physical health.

After undergoing treatments involving surgery, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, immunotherapy, radiation therapy, etc., it becomes crucial to keep negative thoughts at bay and begin life positively with an optimistic attitude to promote good health. However, the constant fear of cancer reappearing in the body triggers mental and emotional issues resulting in stress, anxiety, panic, and the breaking of willpower, and thus, it becomes crucial to fight back in order to promote health and well-being post-treatment and healing, says Dr. Advani, the best cancer doctor in Mumbai.

About Dr. Suresh Advani

Dr. Suresh Advani is the best medical oncologist in Mumbai and has successfully helped thousands of survivors begin their new lives. Among top oncologists in Mumbai, Dr. Advani is the first and foremost to offer online guidance and counselling for cancer patients. With more than five decades of experience, Dr. Suresh Advani, an expert oncologist in the field, successfully battled different cancers throughout his career. As head of several corporate hospitals’ cancer departments, Dr. Suresh Advani also heads the cancer department of Tata Memorial Hospital Mumbai as a Chief Cancer Specialist. Keeping up with the legacy of serving his patients with the utmost integrity, compassion, and dignity, Dr. Suresh Advani commits to fighting cancer for his patients and helping them live with ease and peace.

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