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Leighton Avant-Garde Haus Recent Public Statement Already Looking Towards 2023

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Leighton Avant-Garde Haus.

Newly discovered tech company that is making an entrance into the public world

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, September 22, 2022 / -- Although Leighton Avant-Garde Haus is and has been very exclusive with their work, the private company started to establish a different stance and perspective on execution. Lucien Leighton and Kelly Player recently provided a public statement in regards to the future of this Tech Company.

"Hello, We are super excited to introduce our two new executives to the team (Natalie Rybak, and Victoria Czerwinksi) to execute our ultimate goals for the 2023 year! Our current contracted projects for this year are coming to closure, contemporary to CEO, Lucien Leighton, respectfully. With that being said, due to the high volume of projects, we have put a standstill on signing contracts until January 2023. Since we have assigned two new executives, and also hiring numerous employees that are technology spirited, in different niches of tech, we can focus on a wider spectrum of examples. We are fanatical in providing more service to our current, and future partners to come. Nothing has changed as far as policy for us, we will continue to work diligently and proficiently to meet your aimed objectives. Lastly, check us out on Instagram, portfolio samples will be posted on that page in the near future. Thank you and we look forward to innovating with you!" —PR Executive, Kelly Player and CEO, Lucien Leighton

Keeping an eye on this Tech Company is everything to take from this recent statement made. Their portfolio seems to be very intriguing, being involved with Artificial Intelligence, Social Media, Web3.0 Development, Cryptos, Fashion Technology to name a few. Seems there is things bigger than we can imagine unfolding for the reality of our future and this is one of the companies behind the curtain so to speak. Being a very private company, there has been some light shed about them, along with some growth via social media. With that being said, maybe we should continue to bring some insight on what is going on for the future of technology.

Leighton Avant-Garde Haus.

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