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USDTATSU Releases The Launch Of Most Exclusive Pinksale Presale P2E Gaming and much more

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg, Sept. 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- USDTATSU is a project on Binance Smart Chain diving down into the market with a vision to make USDTATSU a top passive project, announcing the most exclusive named pinksale release of P2E Gaming, Airdrop platform, and NFT collection, launching on 17 September 2022.

USDTATSU gives its users a fantastic opportunity the release these most demanding things. Users can receive 5 percent USDT rewards from the moment they launch on pancakeswap and forever. Moreover, these are Audited by Analytic Audit, based on verified contracts, and amazingly done after the launch to create more trust and hype among their customers by offering the participants to win the free NFT dragon skin. The benefit of this sale is that the supply of the token is 100 million before the sale, but after the discount, it is 50 million.

Additionally, the USDTATSU protocol is a community-focused Defi token that forms part of the expanding USDTATSU ecosystem. Buyers can avail their three incredible offers during each trade.

  • Get Rewards, and 5 percent is redistributed in USDT to all holders.
  • Another add-on is LP Acquisition 1 percent is added to liquidity.
  • The most outstanding offer is the Marketing fee of 4 percent added to users' marketing wallet.

More great news about USDTATSU is that they offer innovative TATSU P2E Gaming, AIRDrop Platform, and Free NFTs services to their clients, and by providing these services, they increase trust among their users.


TATSU game will be an open world where players can freely fly around with their dragon by finding easter eggs they can claim for free $USDTATSU .The most incredible opportunity of this game is that users can make their dragon stronger by fighting with aliens, completing missions, or joining the PVP portal and competing against other players with their own dragon NFT.P2E game launch come after the NFT collection life.

Hottest AIRDROP PLATFORM service:

The mind-blowing feature of this service is that once the NFT collection and our game are live, there will be pools where buyers can stake their coins and receive airdrops from various projects in return. Only legit projects will be promoted to our holders so that everyone has a chance to receive a free airdrop.

Most incredible Free NFT offer:

Pink sale participants who invest below 0.5 BNB will get a free uncommon dragon NFT. Furthermore, participants above 0.5 to 1 BNB will win a free RARE dragon NFT. These participants above 1 BNB and between 1.5 BNB will receive a free EPIC dragon NFT. The most amazing participants above 1.5 BNB and between 2 BNB will win a free LEGENDARY dragon NFT.

So without wasting your time, avail these superb opportunities before times run out.




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