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A lengthy memorial (Walk Of Death) 'll take place over five days at different locations esp. embassies in Berlin

Benjamin Satiba Makgate - BMT4379/N4379 noted the crucial happenings of their captivity in his old diary during WWII.

Untold Truth of the Afrakan Colonia Soldiers

The granddaughter of the forgotten warriors of world wars!

Matilda TheeGreat protestier silently outside the German Parliament

Matilda TheeGreat is invading her grandfather's days when he was captured as a Prisoners of War in Europe.

She's the living monument of the Afrakan Colonia Soldiers of world wars.

Our 3rd annual memorial will take place over five days at the following five locations: South African, British, French, Italian embassies & German Parliament

I am the tears of my forefathers who fought during World War I & II but their great deeds were erased from the historical world books. I inherited their rooted truama that needs a lengthy healing.”
— Matilda Theegreat
BERLIN, STADTMITTE, GERMANY, September 14, 2022 / -- This year the memorial (Walk Of Death) will take place over five days at five (5) different locations: Südafrikanischen Botschaft, Großbritannien Botschaft, Botschaft Frankreich, Botschaft Italien and the Deutsche Bundestag Platz der 1.

It is a hidden history that deserves lengthy or lasting memorials. Walk of Death is one of the horrors of the World Wars and crimes of colonialism that white historians has never written it in the world historical books for the past 79 years. It happened on the 28. October 1943, when Afrakan Colonial Soldiers were captured as Prisoners of War by the German troops on the 21 June 1942 in Tobruk Libya. Benjamin Satiba Makgate/BMT4379/N4379 was born on 01.01.1906, in Boomplaas, Lydenburg, which is in Mpumalanga province of South Afraka. He was part of the 2nd division of the South African black/Afrakan soldiers that were conscripted to join the allied forces. In his diary, he meticulously recorded the ordeals relating to the war and how the Afrakan colonial soldiers survived the holocaust as Prisoners of war in Fronstalags/concentration camps number 133, 153, 171, and 221 in Europe (Germany, France and Italy) where he remained after his capture until the end of the war.

Matilda TheeGreat, the author of the Foreign me, is the granddaughter of Benjamin Satiba Makgate who came to Europe to rediscover the truth written in his diary. She is invading his grandfather’s days. Instead, she found an intentional erasure of her grandfather’s Division existence in history. It has, therefore become her mission to demand the memorial of her grandfather and his fellow soldiers deserve.

In 2020, Matilda organized a walk in their memory from Alexandra Platz to the British military cemetery in Berlin.

Poetry, rap, music, and Afrakan rituals told the message that these hardships has not been forgotten.
In 2021, a silent protest was held with chairs representing both the white and Afrakan soldiers (with different colours that exhibited Afrakans who has been forgotten, erased and most without graves with red resembling the blood of the innocent men: Black, White and Red.) placed outside the government building to highlight their shared struggle but unequal remembrance.

This year is our third annual memorial event whereby we will be unifying them spiritually by taking their souls to the resting place in Afraka. It will be in peaceful way that will exhibit their demands of holy monument in Europe.

Afrakans liberated Europe from fascism and the world should acknowledge their great deeds #seetsa.

More information, including photographs from last year, can be found at or by contacting the organizers: Matilda TheeGreat at

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Walk Of Death
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Walk of Death #20