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Simplify Content

Simplify Content

Simplify Content Team Members - Ivan Jajic & Braslav Bradic

Simplify Content Team Members - Ivan Jajic & Braslav Bradic

Simplify Content helps create quality and exciting content for their B2B clients to attract new users and retain existing ones.

We believe that getting results through the organic way of attracting users is the right process and the only one that remains long-term”
— Ivan Jajic

ZAGREB, CROATIA, September 12, 2022 / -- Simplify Content, the leading content marketing service, is helping businesses drive more users with its powerful and innovative marketing strategies. With more than five years of work experience in various fields such as the aviation industry, tourism, entertainment, and media, the company creates custom content marketing strategies for resolving the marketing problems of individual clients.

“The content marketing that Simplify Content deals with is exclusively organic,” says Ivan Jajic, one of the founder members of the company. “It means we only create our content with its SEO power and reposition it as needed on other platforms. The key services include market research, creation of SMART goals, writing blog content, creation of posts on social networks, analytics, and backlinking.”

Simplify Content specializes in B2B content marketing. They combine their unmatched domain expertise and industry experience to help clients achieve their marketing objectives. Paid ads ensure the short-term popularity of a company. However, when the funds dry up, the reach and visibility are severely affected. Simplify Content, with its organic content marketing solutions, can help companies overcome the visibility problem.
The team at Simplify Content works closely with their clients to craft the best strategy for success. Market research forms the core of their strategy. Simplify Content helps organizations create SEO content on their web pages and develop a robust content marketing strategy necessary for a continuous presence in the digital world.

Both members of Simplify Content, Ivan and Braslav, have completed graduate studies. Ivan completed his graduate studies in Business Administration with a specialization in Financial Management from the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Braslav Bradic completed his graduate studies in Business Economics, majoring in Marketing at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, Croatia. Both have completed the undergraduate study of business economics in English, Bachelor’s Degree in Business (BDiB), which is the holder of the EPAS accreditation for the excellence of the study program, and the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb itself has the prestigious AACSB and EQUIS accreditations.

Ivan has experience in several industries and areas such as Revenue Management, Product Management, and Controlling. He is the author of several scientific papers, mostly in the areas of the digital economy, data mining, and the application of artificial intelligence. His works have been published in the world-famous abstract and citation database Scopus and the world’s largest technical organization dedicated to the advancement of technology for the benefit of mankind – the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Braslav is an expert in the field of creative industries. He has created Facebook ads and video ads for several clients. His film “Morning” was included in the program of this year’s film festival in Požega, Croatia. He specializes in refining acquired competencies in marketing and advertising with an emphasis on social networks. For 11 times in a row, he has been recognized as a “Superhost” by Airbnb.
Braslav also ranks as one of the best-rated hosts on He is currently writing a scientific paper with an assistant professor from the Faculty of Economics and Business in Zagreb, Croatia on marketing inclusion in creative industries.

About Simplify Content:
Simplify Content is a remote content marketing agency specializing in market research, creating, and implementing a long-term content strategy. With its practical and academic experience in market research and proven methods, they help clients achieve the desired results. They aim to collect information from clients and their potential customers and combine them into a content marketing strategy. They then transform that strategy into pieces for each channel that forms part of the ongoing collaboration.

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