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Bobby Baker, A Brand's Secret Weapon To Growing Their Customer Base

Many brands struggle to find a creative solution to consistent growth and low-cost customer acquisition. Bobby Baker is a Performance Marketer that has pioneered successful campaigns and teams for over 100 brands internationally.

From Tom Brady’s nutrition brand “TB12” to Drake’s candle brand “BWFH”, Bobby provides a unique pair of hands to any organization. 

Whether it’s a startup in the middle of its go-to-market strategy or a seasoned company with history, Bobby Baker believes there are key fundamental pillars to every foundation. To name a few, he lists “understanding the business model, audience segmentation, and the customer journey” as his top 3 necessities for long-term growth. “It doesn't matter if you’re a business like K-Swiss that’s been around for 50 years or a new brand like Better World Fragrance House that’s been around for 50 weeks if your marketing team doesn’t understand the problem it’s solving for an audience, they will never hit their target.”

Speaking of targets, Bobby sees simple things like Customer Avatars easy to overlook but crucial to making sure every channel, email, or caption is in harmony. “Consumers notice how you speak to them. People will perceive your brand as inconsistent if you have multiple people handling different aspects of your brand and communicating in different tones, grammar, or fonts. And we don’t just want new customers, we want loyal repeat customers. In order to do that, we must optimize the journey each consumer travels down.”

Big Heart for Small Brands

With a track record of helping brands generate $100’s of millions in revenue, he has the most fun working with smaller brands with opportunities for big impacts. “Most small companies don’t have an elaborate marketing strategy and therefore tend to be leaving a ton of revenue on the table. We love to be a part of a company's growth going from 3-10 employees to scaling upwards of 50-100+ employees, which can be life-changing for owners.”

While Bobby uses online tools and software like Facebook, Shopify, or Google Analytics to optimize his campaigns, it isn’t just eCommerce brands that have scaled with his support. He’s also successfully managed campaigns for brands that exclusively work with in-person products and services. 

In fact, Bobby started his agency career working with business tycoons Grant “10X” Cardone and Frank Kern, where his clients were 90% local businesses. “We worked with nearly every industry out there. From Landscapers, Real Estate agents and HVAC to Spa’s, Bathroom remodeling and event planners.” Bobby even helped a company market to investors for a new city they were building off the coast of Lagos Nigeria.

A Formula For Success

Bobby takes a holistic and omnipresent approach to business enhancement and takes pride in the operating procedures he creates. “It’s all about creating systems that allow us to scale efficiently. For example, if we don’t have a process for creating content that converts or step by step for structuring our ad accounts, we’ll only be hoping for consistent wins rather than planning for them. We want to make sure each segment of the Media Cycle (Copywriting, Creative, Media Buying, CRO, Email/SMS, and PR) are all working in tandem and creating synergies.” 

Bobby and his lean team of marketing experts look at everything from social media, to email popups, landing pages, and the overall web experience to ensure a brand has the best chance at capturing purchases.


Bobby Baker has a proven history of success in captivating audiences. From increasing revenue for large businesses to helping struggling companies become profitable, his experience in the marketing field is invaluable. For marketing support needs, Bobby could be the rocket fuel a brand needs to take off.

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