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Australian Boxer Nicila "The Chaos" Costello Goes from Debut to Title in Under a Year

Australian boxing champion Nicila Costello knows about uphill battles. Diagnosed with ADHD, she had to work harder than others just to level the playing field. Now, she uses her platform on social media to encourage others to chase their dreams despite the obstacles.

Australian boxing champion Nicila “The Chaos” Costello made her professional debut in June of 2021. By May of 2022, she held titles in Australia and Queensland, with two knockout finishes to her name. Training with Todd Commons of BTB Boxing & Fitness, Costello is proof one is only held back by the things they allow. 

“The thing society forgot to teach us about neurodiversity—that it’s not a deficit, but the ability to achieve anything when you’re not forced to follow a mold,” Costello said. 

A chat with the champ

Costello sits down for an Aug. 2022 interview with the Inner Sanctum. 

Building a career

Because her ADHD makes it difficult to work in traditional environments, Costello had to get creative when choosing a career. In addition to growing her boxing career, Costello owns three successful F45 Studios. F45 training is a global fitness community specializing in fun, fast, high-intensity, results-driven group workouts. Through all her efforts, Costello seeks to become the role model she needed when she was younger. 

Family support

Nicila “The Chaos” Costello is so much more than a boxer. She is also a mother to a beautiful toddler with her wife, Carol. Costello said being a mother is the greatest adventure of her life. The support of her loved ones makes it possible to put in the hard work and long hours required to be a champion and Costello said it’s impossible to explain her gratitude for their presence in her life.  

Becoming a role model

Costello frequently says people should strive to be the role models they needed when they were younger, and she certainly seems to take that philosophy to heart. Costello speaks out about ADHD issues and the struggles of being a female athlete in the hopes that someone experiencing similar things can relate and realize they are not alone. 


Nicila “The Chaos” Costello has a bright future ahead of her in the world of boxing. With plans to take her boxing gloves international, fans of the sport should certainly keep an eye on Costello. She’s already the Australian Flyweight Champion, and it seems she has her eye on other title belts.

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