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Sam Ivy K9 Consultants Expert Virtual Dog Training Courses Create Exceptional Canine Behavior

Master Dog Trainer Sam Ivy and his team, with more than a century of combined experience, are building better relationships between dogs and their owners. Pet parents learn to form healthy, happy bonds with their canine companions through training courses.

From puppy training to teaching a service dog the tasks for “work,” Sam Ivy K9 Consultants Inc. has it all covered. Starting with a free consultation, Sam Ivy K9 uses virtual dog training sessions to help thousands of dog owners learn to relate to their canine companions. 

“Don’t give up on your dog! No matter how frustrated you may be at the moment—you can re-build your relationship with your dog.,” Master Dog Trainer Sam Ivy said. “If your dog is not listening to you, it's not because there is something ‘wrong’ with your dog. It's because no one has taught you how to control their behavior. My team and I are here to help. Together we will turn your dog into the ultimate canine companion.”

Sam Ivy dog expert training courses

-  Puppy Training

Sam Ivy’s puppy training course takes the guesswork out of the first few weeks and teaches puppy parents to build a foundational relationship with their new furry friends, making future training easier and more successful. 

-  Pack Behavior Training

Whether a dog exhibits aggression, jumping, barking, soiling, chewing, biting, digging, pulling, running away, whining, or other behaviors, the Sam Ivy K9 Consultants team has an answer. This course teaches pet parents to gain control and establish peace as the pack’s leader. 

-  Off-Leash Training

Some owners want their dogs to stay close, even without a leash. After this course, dog owners can be confident that their pets will listen once they remove the leash. 

-  Advanced Training

This course takes pets and owners into high-distraction outdoor settings, ensuring the dog can perform flawlessly under all circumstances. 

-  Service Dog Training

Sam Ivy offers service dog training for those special dogs who need to be more than just a pet. Experts train dogs as reliable companions with the skills to perform at any moment. 

“You will see better results when your dog can stay in a familiar environment and without the distracting presence of a stranger in your home,” Sam Ivy said. “Learn distraction-free with personal guidance by one of our experts. It's simply the best foundation for building a happier relationship with your dog.”

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Dog owners interested in becoming the true leader of the pack in their homes are invited to visit Sam Ivy K9 Consultants online to book a free consultation and learn more about the available dog behavior training courses.

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