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Nexus Rewards Launches Inflation Reduction Program

Solution for Inflation

Fight Inflation with Nexus Rewards

Premium Benefits

Nexus Premium Membership

Upside is the Save Money App

Save Money on Gas

Inflation Reduction Program uses cashback apps to reduce costs of gas, groceries and dinning out.

Nexus Rewards is designed to help people make money ​on everything they buy . Our simple but highly lucrative Referral Rewards Program enables people to build a long-term sustainable income.”
— Art & Rob Phelps, Founders, Nexus Rewards
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA, USA, September 2, 2022 / -- Nexus Cashback Rewards Program provides free apps that give discounts and cashbck on the cost of gas, food, and other household essentials, saving the average family approximately 5,000/yr.

Financial Analysts offers few solutions to fighting inflation other than showing consumers ways to cut back on spending. The recent article “Build a 2022 ‘Inflation Fighter Budget” written by Carol Ehlers, University of Iowa, Human Sciences Extension and Outreach Coordinator, shows how consumers can measure the effects of inflation on their budget using The CPI Calculator available on The Bureau of Labor Statistic's website.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released the example below showing the impact of inflation:
“A Midwest household of three with a basic budget of $4,982 ($59,784 annually). shows a loss of consumer buying power from December 2020 to December 2021. Due to inflation, the family would spend an additional $350 in December 2021 to pay for the same goods and services.”

While the recommendations from financial planners and other financial advisors to cash strapped consumers is work within a budget or live below their means, there is only so much cutting back that a family can do.

Families Save Money & Get Cash Back on Gas, Groceries and more.
Nexus Rewards is designed to help the average family fight inflation by providing knowledge of apps that can lower the costs of goods and services. These apps put money back into the consumers’ pocket:

Economically vulnerable households and anyone who shops benefit from the cashback programs Nexus Rewards promotes itself as "The Ultimate Cash Back, Savings and Membership Club”, helping families find ways to receive money back on items they already purchase (i.e.) food, gas, travel, insurance, healthcare, prescription drugs and more.

Free Apps include:
1) Rakuten
2) Upside
3) Fetch

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, offers new members $30.00 real cash back when they spend $30.00. The member purchases $30.00 of durable goods at any of the 3500 retail stores. Members receive an additional $30.00 for each referral to Rakuten. The referral also receives $30 cashback. During the promotion there is unlimited cashback

Upside formerly GetUpside is an app that gives members cashback on gas, grocery, and restaurant purchases. The app curates personalized promotions near the member's location to provide the lowest gas, restaurant locations. Upside is offering a limited time $7.00 referral bonus for new members.
Through the Nexus reward tracking system - The user saves up to .25 cents per gallon or more every time they buy gas. When they refer others, they receive a .15 cents per gallon increase. Plus 1 cent per gallon for every gallon their referral buys forever. There is an additional ½ cents per gallon on all their referrals – forever.

Fetch Rewards: Users scan their receipts into the app and earn more than 25 cents per receipt. Fetch has partnered with 350+ of America’s most popular brands, like Pepsi and Cheerios, and the user earns extra points (50 points) when these products are purchased.
Nexus Rewards Platform
The platform is a simple, consolidated, and executable platform houses all the apps in one location giving access to the major cashback apps. The features of the programs can directly impact the lives of the most vulnerable.

Membership Has its Privileges
To earn more cash back and access to an exclusive Benefits Portal costs $31.95 per month. Initial signup ($10.00 activation fee) and $21.95monthly.
The Benefits Portal is used by 5 of the 10 Largest U.S. Employers and 23% of Fortune 500 Companies provide this same benefits portal to their Executives, Management and Employees.

• In addition to access to the Benefits Portal members receive 6% in additional cashback,
This is In addition to any credit or debit card rewards provided by the card issuers.
• •NxRx App saves members up to 80% off prescriptions.
• •Members receive exclusive discounts on over 700,000 of the World’s Best Brands

This is the perfect time for consumers to take advantage of any free cashback programs that help them defray the prohibitive costs of living. The program apps put money back into the household budget.

A major benefit of the program is the convenience of accessing the best cash back apps in one place. The marketplace is most anxious for the features and benefits offered through this program which can impact the most vulnerable and offer some solutions.

• Small businesses can use the program to defray higher costs of providing employee benefits.
• Churches are often approached by needy families for donations of food and shelter.
• Non-profits can provide low-cost benefits to their constituents.
• Program can ease food insufficiencies and supplement EBT benefits.

The $30.00 and $7.00 referral bonuses in real cash are for a limited time. The Nexus Reward Program will still be available for members who want to start a low-cost work from home business. This business model is simply a referral marketing model that attracts consumers and small businesses that see a value-added proposition.

Useful Way to Use The Savings & Cashback
1. Pay off debt
2. Save for retirement
3. Save for a new home
4. Reduce household expenses

Build A Business
The vision as well as the timing of the Nexus Reward program is relevant to the economy. Helping people save money during the highest rise in the consumer price index in history creates a timely offer. The consumer price index measures the cost of everyday goods like rent, gasoline, food, medical care, energy, and other essential items.

These are the exact items that are addressed by using the apps inside this program.
The Nexus Rewards platform offers a viable business model at an exceptionally low price point. Owning a business during an inflation that provides direct values to an underserved community can be empowering. Learning business strategies, fiscal responsibility and basic business skills can empower individuals as they create long-term residual income where they live.

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