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Premier D.C. area Dog Daycare Announces Expansion

Sterling, VA, Aug. 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Healthy Hound Playground, Maryland, and Northern Virginia's Premier Dog Daycare, Boarding Kennel & Grooming Salon announce a plan for an additional facility to be opened in 2023. Healthy Hound Playground is known for providing pets with an exceptional, safe, and fun home away from home.

The newest Healthy Hound Playground will be located in Fairfax, VA, and offer the same top-rated experience that has allowed them to become one of Washington DC's most trusted pet care facilities. Your dog is sure to have plenty of space to run and play safely with constant supervision, regular outdoor potty breaks, and our spacious kennels for total relaxation.

Healthy Hound Playground offers a variety of services for their customers and four-legged family members including guidance on all your pet-related healthy questions. "This time of year, many concerns center around parasite control. When you own a canine friend, the last thing you want for them is a tick bite," said owner Brandon Power. "These blood-suckers are a nuisance, notoriously hard to dislodge and can cause life-threatening diseases if not removed properly."

So, how can you keep your pet safe from ticks? Brandon explains the most effective ways of preventing ticks on your furry friend.


  • Check your Surroundings
  • Oral and Topical Medications
  • Check your Pet Frequently
  • Limit Exposure to High-risk Areas
  • Treat your Lawn and Home

Check your Surroundings

Dogs most commonly pick up ticks from their immediate surroundings. Preventative measures offer a long-term solution and with ticks, the environment matters a lot.

  • Ensure you clear bushes, long grasses, and dense vegetation where your dog may enjoy foraging.
  • Keep the lawns and trees trimmed to minimize the population of ticks and fleas in your backyard.

Preventative Medications: Oral or Topical

Depending on where you live, exposure to ticks may be impossible to prevent. Regular administration of flea and tick medication is arguably the most fool-proof method of keeping your dog safe from tick exposure. When choosing a medication keep in mind:

  • Oral or Topical? Every dog is different, consult your vet who can recommend the most appropriate medication for your dog.
  • Oral medication is available in chewable, tasty tablets which are usually given monthly or every three months.
  • Oral medications work by making your dog's blood poisonous to ticks. Ticks will ingest the medication, die, and eventually fall off before transmitting any disease.
  • Topical flea and tick medicines are applied to your dog's skin. The skin will distribute the product around the body and then chemical treatment will remain on hair follicles and kill parasites before they have a chance to infect your dog.

When applying the medicine, remove your pet's collar and apply the medication to the back of their neck. This prevents your dog from accessing the application spot. Afterward, wait at least 24 hours before bathing your pet.

Check Your Dog Regularly

Ticks often go unnoticed; before you know it, there'll be a colony. Your pet can gather ticks and fleas after spending any amount of time outside. After outdoor time, check your pet, especially in these places:

  • Elbows
  • In the groin area
  • Eyelids
  • Under the dog's collar and tail
  • In the fold of the ears
  • Under the back and front legs

If you find ticks and your dog is NOT on a preventative, removal should be done immediately. Carefully pull the ticks slowly and firmly using tweezers without squeezing the pet's body. If your dog is taking preventative medication, it's generally advisable to allow the tick to die and fall off on its own.

Limit Exposure to high-risk areas

  • Autumn and spring are traditionally peak seasons for ticks. However, they can also survive the winter, so keep your dog safe during frosty weather.
  • Ticks love wood, long grasses, and shrubland. Be cautious if your dog's favorite playground is woodland and grass.
  • Overgrown yards are a breeding ground for ticks. A tick colony in the backyard may need environmental spray to get rid of them.

Treat the Lawn and House

Since ticks thrive in lawns, trees, and bushes, treating these areas will help to reduce their reproduction. Here are some treatment methods:

  • Yard and household sprays are available at local garden centers or pet stores. Exercise caution with these sprays in areas where children and pets frequent.
  • Professional control services and exterminators experienced in handling chemical treatments.
  • Granular treatments purchased from your veterinarian.

Keeping Your Dog Healthy is Paramount

Routinely examining your pet is the best way to prevent tick bites. Healthy Hound Playground is here to support you in your pet ownership journey.

Healthy Hound Playground currently offers two locations. Our Sterling, VA facility serves the cities of Ashburn, Reston, and Herndon, and is a short trip down Rt. 28 from Chantilly and Centreville. Our Rockville, MD facility is central to Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Germantown.

If you are interested in Healthy Hound Playground:

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