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Prime Time Emmy Honored TV Animator & Author Launches “Surf Soup” Kids Book Series & Reveals More

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Surf Soup Book Series

Surf Soup Book Series by Donna Kay Lau Characters and illustrstions

Surf Soup Book Series by Donna Kay Lau

Donna Kay Lau at beach on pier and ocean with surfboard

Donna Kay Lau, Creator Surf Soup TV & Surf Soup Book Series Photo Credit: Eli Reed

Surf Soup Projects:-Podcasts, NFT Art, Animation, Vella, Documentary:” Making ‘Surf Soup”-Chinese American Story,Donna Kay Lau TV Animator, Author & illustrator

My purpose is broadcasting love, joy, humor by creating art, writing books, producing animation, & teaching children to help each other so we can have more peace, love, joy, and harmony in the world.”
— Donna Kay Lau
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, September 27, 2022 / -- Prime Time Emmy Honored TV Animator & Author Launches “Surf Soup” Kids Book Series & Reveals More

The beginning of Surf Soup Projects that Include: Two Podcasts, NFT Art, Animated Shorts, Vella and a Short Documentary Film:” Making ‘Surf Soup”-A Chinese American Story of Donna Kay Lau TV Animator, Author and illustrator

Prime Time Emmy Honored TV animator, author & Illustrator Donna Kay Lau launches “Surf Soup” children’s book series. Lau the creator of ‘Surf Soup” is a TV animator who produced shows from Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network animation studios: Dora the Explorer, Catdog, Oswald the Octopus, Generator Rex, Ben 10 & Generator Rex (Crossover), and Regular Show. Lau has produced children’s content for over 30 years.

The stories begin with Auntie, an animator inviting you into her art studio to play and use your imagination.

The “Surf Soup” series is based on a tropical island with Koa, a diverse character with a magical hair on his head, and his surfboard that farts rainbows. “Surf Soup” series is character rich, with many unique characters like a fuzzy purple pickle, a sea cucumber, Prana the piranha, and a pigeon that speaks pidgin to name a few. There are eight books currently in the “Surf Soup” series, for ages 6 to 12, and have bright colorful illustrations on every page, including unique, colorful end pages and fun creative activities and back matter. The Surf Soup books have, on average, 70 to 120 pages each.

Lau’s imagination will keep you surprised and laughing. Each story highlights character development, self-esteem, diversity, grit, inclusion, and an emphasis on caring for the island and the environment, and in the book “Surf Soup’ in the series you learn how to surf and the lessons you learn from surfing, and then the beach is closed. Kids learn the value of caring for the ocean and their friends. Parents and teachers will delight as stories teach SEL (Social, emotional learning) and teach S.T.E.A.M. (Science, technology, engineering, art, and math), with an emphasis of being compassionate towards each other and all living things.
“We are all in the Surf Soup Together.”

Lau, a first generation Chinese American, was inspired by her experiences and developed Asian characters for the Surf Soup series displaying a full age range with inspiration drawn from her elderly relatives. Lau has also launched a serialized “Vella” introducing one episode at a time later to be published as a book, and made into a documentary short film -” Making ‘Surf Soup”-A Chinese American Story of Donna Kay Lau TV Animator, Author and illustrator. Eli Reed, director of photography of the Surf Soup film, Eli Reed is an American photographer and photojournalist. Reed was the first full-time black photographer employed by Magnum Agency and the author of several books, including Black In America. Reed was recently honored with I.F. Stone Medal for Journalistic Independence and Lucie Foundation Award Documentary photography, to name a few. Lau and Reed will produce the “Making Surf Soup” film. Lau writes about her experience producing the Surf Soup projects, and amazing coincidences, while following her purpose through perseverance and grit.

Lau also created and launched her Surf Soup NFT art collection, a unique collection of collectible animated shorts minted and sold on “Rarible” and Lau has also created a limited edition Surf Soup character merchandise and sold on Etsy (Surf Soup)

Lau recently launched and hosts two new podcasts: “Surf Soup-Talk Story” and ‘Surf Soup TV” podcast for children. Lau has produced a Surf Soup-Talk Story episode with Dr. Wallace J. Nichols, the author of “Blue Mind” and Lau will interview Eli Reed in the Fall of 2022.

For the Surf Soup TV podcast for children, Lau will read excerpts from the ‘Surf Soup” series starting in Fall, 2022 and available for live virtual book signing and appearances. Lau will introduce her Surf Soup series and teach about success as an artist and animation.

There is so much to be excited about. With the launching of the “Surf Soup” book series, podcasts, Vella, NFT art, short documentary, and forthcoming animated shorts, it’s just the beginning of more to follow. Stay informed by following Donna Kay Lau’s ‘Surf Soup’ series and projects at and follow @Surfsoup Instagram

Surf Soup series books are available in paperback, hardback, epub/Kindle, and wherever books are sold, book stores, online retailers, and Amazon books. Barnes & Noble, Booktopia (AU), Alibris (Europe/UK)

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