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Lynn Michelle’s Newly Released “Return to Albemore” is a Fascinating Story About Friendship, Loyalty, and Respect

                Return to Albemore

“Return to Albemore” from Book Vine Press by author Lynn Michelle is a gripping narrative that will teach readers many life-changing lessons.

I hope this is a book you will come back to read again and again with your children and grandchildren to encourage inspiration in creativity for anyone who loves adventure.”
— Lynn Michelle, Author
PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, October 6, 2022 / -- “Return to Albemore”: a contemporary novel designed for those who love adventure. This book teaches the readers how to deal with tough life situations. “Return to Albemore” is the creation of published author Lynn Michelle, a chef who loves to read, play fetch with her dog, and learn anything about cooking.

Lynn Michelle writes, “The main purpose of this book is about friendship, loyalty, and respect on how to deal with difficult situations and working together to help one another.”

"The reason I wrote this book is because I always had a creative imagination, and when I was younger I had ridden horses for several years. The story just came to me in a dream and I wrote it down. I really enjoyed writing the story, so I continued with making it into a book. I had ridden a white horse similar to the one I wrote about which inspired my love of writing. I tried to imagine what the horse thought when I rode him, and I guess the dream took on a new fantasy of its own. While I was writing, I already had the whole story set out, but I had to write the details of the journey. While I write, things change depending on how I feel the story should progress. After finishing the story, I go over it to fix up anything that looks like it needs to be changed or taken out to make the story flow better."

Published by Book Vine Press, Lynn Michelle’s new book will make readers realize the importance of friendship, loyalty, and respect for one another. This book brings a life-changing lesson to readers of all ages.

The author hopes that this is a book that readers will come back to read again to encourage inspiration in creativity for anyone who loves adventure.

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