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Age Labs partners with BioAge to decipher healthy longevity using samples from a preeminent Northern European biobank

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Will use longitudinal samples and clinical data to identify pathways associated with healthy longevity, leading to new biomarkers for early disease detection

Unlocking the future of truly personalized and preventive care will require both new drugs and new diagnostic tests”
— Espen Riskedal, CTO and co-founder
OSLO, NORWAY, August 24, 2022 / -- Age Labs AS, a life science company that develops biomarkers for the early detection of age-related diseases, is pleased to announce that it has partnered with BioAge Labs, Inc, a biotechnology company developing therapeutics that target the molecular causes of aging to extend healthy human lifespan, to analyze samples and data from the Trøndelag Health Study (HUNT) biobank collected from more than 100,000 Northern European volunteers over more than 25 years.

Under the terms of the collaborative agreement, Age Labs will discover, develop, and commercialize biomarkers for applications in diagnostics and clinical trials, while BioAge will use the biobank and health records to identify, develop, and commercialize drug targets for diseases of aging.

“This collaboration serves to validate the attractiveness of our biomarker discovery platform and the unique and rich database of profiles that the company has developed over the years”, says Karl Trygve Kalleberg, MD/PhD, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Age Labs.

The HUNT biobank contains biological materials, including blood samples suitable for epigenetic, proteomic and metabolomic analyses, collected longitudinally from 1995 to the present day. The biobank is paired with a databank containing health survey data, clinical records, and mortality outcomes for all participants.

Age Labs uses EPIPHANY, its machine learning–based biomarker discovery platform to develop biomarkers for the early detection of diseases and predict drug response, with a focus on aging and immunology.

BioAge’s ML/AI-driven discovery platform deeply analyzes biological samples from longitudinal cohorts to reveal proteins and metabolites associated with healthy longevity or age-related pathology, and then identifies drug targets in key longevity pathways with the aim of treating age-related disease.

“BioAge’s goal of developing drugs to extend healthy human lifespan fits perfectly with why we develop biomarkers for the early detection of age-related diseases in the first place. Unlocking the future of truly personalized and preventive care will require both new drugs and new diagnostic tests to identify those who should receive them”, says Espen Riskedal, M.Sc., chief technology officer (CTO) and co-founder of Age Labs. “We are excited to collaborate with BioAge on a project that will combine proteomics and epigenetics to provide new insights into healthy longevity and bring substantial benefit to both companies.”

Age Labs is engaging with new partners on an ongoing basis, to co-develop biomarkers for use in healthcare, clinical trials and for studying epigenetic drug effects.

About Age Labs AS
Age Labs is a life science company that discovers, develops and commercializes diagnostic tests for the early detection of age-related diseases. EPIPHANY is the company’s platform for discovery novel, epigenetics-based biomarkers, backed by a curated database of >40k epigenetic profiles, with up to 40 years of follow-up. The company’s pipeline includes a test for early detection of rheumatoid arthritis, a biological age predictor and a test predicting the severity of COVID-19 infection. Collaboration partners include Merck Group, Fürst Medical Laboratory, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, Diakonhjemmet Hospital and Oslo University Hospital.

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