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A Love Letter to Lovecraftian Horror - A Return to Old School Horror Cool

Kayla from The Brooding Muse Magazine

The Brooding Muse Protagonist Kayla

A love letter to Lovecraftian Horror, The Brooding Muse Magazine is now available for pre-order on At Diamond Comics - official release date Oct 19, 2022.

The entire series is a love letter to simpler times and simpler comics!”
— Patrick James (author of The Brooding Muse)
HANOVER, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, August 18, 2022 / -- Discover an anthology-style Lovecraftian Horror waiting for us around the corner at the end of 2022.
The Brooding Muse arrives at a perfect time for readers who want a return to old-school comics in a world full of convoluted stories, short story arcs, and poorly written (yet superfluously colorful) characters.

A love letter to Lovecraftian Horror, The Brooding Muse is a dark breakthrough of the current normal for the comic world:
- Various master storytelling authors and illustrators come together to craft each section of this dark anthology carefully.
- Each issue delivers unique stories that carefully weave together an overarching story that astounds readers at every turn.
- Meticulously formatted to make a return to old-school illustrated horror.
- A gloomy Lovecraftian world where no character is safe.

Set in an unforgiving world where the linchpin of vicious killers was a merciless despot known simply as The Brooding Muse. However, when the bind that holds this savage world together mysteriously vanishes, a rogue group of anti-heroes must band together to restore a sense of peace.

What sets The Brooding Muse apart from other series in circulation is its nod to old-school and much-beloved horror anthology titles, such as Warren Publishing's Vampire Tales or Eerie. Readers will revel in constructing the entire picture of the Brooding Muse through each twisted puzzle piece that is each story.

The Brooding Muse is now available for pre-order at Diamond Comics Previews Catalog, with an official release date of Oct 19, 2022.

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