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The Innocent Convicts is Working to Prove David Yarde's Innocence in the Shooting of DeAndre Russ.

Free David Yarde

“Legitimate issues” with evidence bring the conviction into question.

BOSTON , MA, UNITED STATES, August 9, 2022 / -- On August 8, 2014, David Yarde was sentenced to life in prison for the murder of DeAndre Russ. During an altercation, Russ was shot and killed outside an apartment complex on Tremont Street. However, Yarde, despite spending over nine years in prison, maintains his innocence. The Innocent Convicts Organization has been working diligently to prove Yarde's innocence.

At a previous hearing, the prosecutor for the Commonwealth stated: "...the first issue is whether the appeal presents an issue which is worthy of presentation to an appellate court, the commonwealth has conceded that he's probably met that standard he is saying he is claiming factual innocence..." Click this link to watch the video from the December 2021 Court Hearing starting from the 2:32 time stamp. In 2017, a forensics expert reviewed the conviction in Yarde's case and concluded it was impossible for Yarde to have shot the victim. Visit and click on Mr. Yarde's profile on the homepage of the website to read the reports.

In 2018, two additional crime scene and ballistics experts analyzed the evidence used in convicting Yarde. The experts disagreed with the prosecution that Yarde have committed the crime he was convicted of. Earlier, Detectives found "similar ammunition" to the crime scene's recovered shell casings in the bedroom drawer of another individual, who was alleged by prosecutors to have provided inconsistent witness statements. See pages 4 and 5 on Document 4 on Mr. Yarde's Profile Page.

Yarde, who was in the company of three acquaintances, was captured on surveillance video after leaving a party in Downtown Boston. Experts have concluded that it is impossible for Yarde to be the shooter from his last position captured in the video.

Since 2012, when Yarde was incarcerated, Yarde has been fighting to prove his innocence, and his continued imprisonment is having a devastating impact on him and his family. Yarde needs continued support to prove his innocence at the Suffolk Superior Court.

The Innocent Convicts organization, Yarde, his family, and his numerous supporters urge DA Hayden, Suffolk County District Attorney to overturn the Commonwealth v. David Yarde case.

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