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Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health Releases Guide on Botox for Men

Man Getting Botox Injection

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, August 8, 2022 / -- Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health has released a guide on Botox for men. Women are predominantly the majority of Botox consumers, but this is changing due to several factors. The guide covers Botox, the most popular injection sites, and why the stigma behind men getting Botox is changing.

Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic injection used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It has become the most common non-surgical procedure for men as it is a minimally invasive cosmetic service that involves injecting botulinum toxin produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum into the face.

This is the same neurotoxin that causes botulism and food pointing but is generally safe when used in small and controlled doses by an experienced medical professional. The injections relax facial muscles by blocking the neurotransmitters that contract muscles associated with facial expressions that minimize wrinkles and lines.

This procedure will typically show its effects after one to four days post-injection as the body slowly metabolizes the Botox. Then the peak result will appear within one to two weeks and last around three to four months.

There are several different areas a medical aesthetic provider can inject Botox or Juvéderm. The most common sites for cosmetic injections include:

• Across the forehead to reduce creases
• Between the eyebrows to target scowl lines
• In the corners of eyes to reduce crow’s feet
• Around the mouth to target laugh lines and droopiness caused by frowning

The guide also covers factors that have contributed to the change of stigma behind men getting Botox. It attributes the change to a mixture of the current state of the world, social media, audience targeting shift, and more. People interested in learning more about Botox injections can read to learn more.

Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health provides aesthetic services, including BOTOX® injections for wrinkle prevention or treatment. They are committed to holistic health services to enhance their clients' wellness, beauty, and life satisfaction. People interested in receiving BOTOX® injections can visit the Elevate at Alaska Women’s Health website to learn more.

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