Treasure At The Bottom Of The Sea

Global Marine Exploration (GME) vs the Country of France court case is set to go to trial in April of 2023 in federal court, Tallahassee, Florida.

TALLAHASSEE , FLORIDA, USA, August 11, 2022 / -- Global Marine Exploration (GME) vs the Country of France case is set to go to trial in April of 2023 in federal court, Tallahassee, Florida. Steve Turner of the R W law firm, is the lead attorney of record.

After GME’s win in the 11th circuit court of federal appeals against France Case no. 4:20-cv-00181, GME has asserted four claims against France:
(1) And in personam salvage lien;
(2) quasi contract/unjust enrichment’;
(3) misappropriation of GME’S trade secret information and
(4) interference with GME’s rights and relations.

GME had received fourteen contracts with the State of Florida between early 2014 and late 2016 to explore and hopefully discover historical shipwrecks off Cape Canaveral in front of the NASA/USAF base. At enormous risk and costs, GME succeeded in finding five shipwrecks four of which matched with specific treasure wrecks they had been looking for based on research provided them by world renowned shipwreck historian and underwater archaeologist Robert Marx. But, after GME had taken all the risks and done all that work, the State of Florida, said they needed to look into what to do, as, until GME succeeded, no new shipwreck sites had been found in Florida waters in over 30 years. Then the State stopped answering the phone.

In mid 2016 Florida’s State Archaeologist along with Florida’s Secretary of State collaborated (conspired) and negotiated with France, without GMEs involvement, to recover the five shipwrecks GME had discovered while under contract with the State of Florida. One of the shipwrecks had a potential to be French, but to date has not been proven 100%. France and Florida later in fact entered into an agreement to recover the shipwrecks and pushed GME to the side without any sort of compensation. Instead, giving unfounded and spurious reasons, Florida cancelled GME’s contract, without due process and without any sort of compensation.

Although the treasures of these shipwrecks listed in historical records, has been estimated be to hundreds of millions to over one billion dollars, the monetary benefit to France and the State of Florida from these shipwrecks would eventually be in the tens of billions of dollars due to increased tourism. GME would be entitled to sixty percent of the estimated value of the treasure for their monetary risks, project percentage completed, years of work and their successful discovery of these historical ships.

GME continues to move forward while looking into potential litigation finance.

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