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Onward and Upward, Acclaimed Military Veteran's Non-Profit: HOMEFRONT BATTLE - Unprepared and in Despair

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / -- The saying by Benjamin Franklin, "fail to plan, plan to fail," is true in many cases. Not planning ahead for anything in life, more times than not, leads to unpleasant surprises and situations that could have been avoided with the proper planning.

When military members leave the military, many challenges are awaiting them unless they already have a civilian job and a home. Unfortunately, for the active-duty military, or the "weekend warriors" serving in the Guard or Reserve that do not have a home and job lined up and receiving their final orders and their final paycheck, transitioning into civilian life has many obstacles and challenges; obstacles and challenges that can stand in the way of having a smooth transition.

When battling a less than smooth transition, unprepared military members get frustrated, discouraged, and end up in despair. Being in a state of despair and discouragement is a dangerous place to be. This is when the downward spiral begins that often leads to military homelessness and military suicides. Wouldn't it be nice to avoid this downward spiral?

It is the determined intention of Onward and Upward to prevent any more military members from entering a downward spiral by helping them have a smooth transition. There are three ways in which we are determined to accomplish this mission. (1) Warrior's Center, (2) Curriculum specifically addressing the future challenges with the transitioning from military life to civilian living, (3) Providing martial arts and mental self-combat techniques for standing firm in the face of the home front battles.

(1) Warriors Center

The staff at Onward and Upward are working day and night to make a "Warrior's Center," formally called Veteran and Warriors Transition Center. The "Warrior's Center" is where information, sources, and resources are made available with 1:1 follow-up and follow-through. It is one thing to be given a point of contact and their phone number or email address; it is quite another to be given the contact information and make the call or send the email in the presence of the military member needing the assistance. Then to follow up on the results of the call and email a couple of days later, ensuring that the assistance is rendered and the need is met. Just imagine for a moment what that would mean to a military member in need of something important to their lives and the lives of their family to have had the need met. Imagine, too, adding housing and transportation to this Center. This is what will take place at the Warrior's Center. See the Center video:

(2) Curriculum

Onward and Upward is in the process of introducing to the current DOD Transition Assistance Program a new and up-to-date Transitioning Curriculum specific to meeting the challenges that occur for most military members when they are leaving the military, including (but not limited):


· How to not be scammed as a job candidate

· How to keep from accidentally disqualifying yourself as a job candidate

· How to create and be your BRAND in the job marketplace

· Over 95% of the time, HR professionals rely on your LinkedIn profile before calling you for a job interview

· How to have the "POWER OF 3" (a perfectly aligned resume, cover letter (or online job application essay questions), and your LinkedIn Profile) working in your favor

· Is it a job you seek at the same level as your military rank and skills? (Be prepared to start at entry level if needed)

Career Development

· Want to keep working at the same job as doing in the military?

· Want to change career fields after leaving the military?

· Have a map to get to the career destination you desire?


· Want to own your own business?

· Do you know the steps and costs to have your own business?

· Do you know where there are business grants for military vet-entrepreneurs?

In looking at the current TAP curriculum, these topics are missing and need to be included. They are crucial to the success of the military member transitioning to civilian living.

(3) Provide martial arts and mental self-combat training

Onward and Upward is honored to have a world-renowned Mental Self-Combat trainer Dan Low who is also an expert in martial arts. He has been training people worldwide in the private and public sector and corporate sector and is the author of "The Art of Self-Combat," published in 2002. Dan's passion is to be instrumental in having one billion happy people smiling and succeeding in their lives. This passion is shared with the passion and mission of Onward and Upward. To that end, we are hosting the first set of classes in Mental Self-combat and out-of-the-box martial arts, taking place in September. Two 90-minute sessions are scheduled: September 14, 2022, from 12 noon to 1:30 pm (CT), and September 27, 2022, from 9 am to 10:30 am (CT). The sessions are the same, so choose which one of these sessions fits best with your schedule. There is a nominal fee of $50 per person, and it is a fundraiser for the Warrior's Center.

Classes are filling up, so if you are interested, please register with this link:

September 14, 2022, from 12 noon to 1:30 pm (CT):

September 27, 2022, from 9:00 am to 10:30 am (CT):

Want to know more about the Warrior's Center, Updated TAP Curriculum, or the Martial Arts and Mental Self-Combat training to be prepared for military transitioning? Send a message to Dr. AnnaMaria Bliven at We love hearing from everyone who reads the article and sends us a message.

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