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FX3 LABS Launches “Yellow Rocket Community” to Help Small Businesses Adapt and Prepare for the Coming Web 3.0 Expansion

USA, August 3, 2022 / -- The Yellow Rocket Community blasts onto the digital scene as a safe space for entrepreneurs to seek education and collaboration from fellow Web3 founders. Based on the principles of fair play for all, this team shares tech insights in a simplified manner. The community is hosted by the team at FX3 LABS, which prides itself on building an inclusive environment where its mission is to help 24 small businesses raise $24 million by 2024. Yellow Rocket helps entrepreneurs position themselves to raise capital using their proprietary innovation strategies.

“Web3 is a unique space, thus has unique challenges for entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. The U.S is being left behind in this digital evolution. To play catch up, Yellow Rocket@FX3LABS addresses the key reasons most Web3 projects fail upfront. Essentially preparing these founders to gain traction through their MVP so that they can raise funds quickly and reach long-term goals more efficiently,” says FX3 LABS.

The Yellow Rocket community bridges the gap between novices and veterans. In this judgment-free zone, newbies can ask questions like: What is Web 3.0, and why should I care? What is an NFT, and how are people making millions from it? How do I know if Blockchain is right for my business, and which one should I choose? This is what sets it apart from other chat-based groups. Yellow Rocket offers an inviting atmosphere “Where Web3 ideas are Born, Bred, and Launched.” as the community shapes the future of Web3 together.

Most importantly, this is not your normal Facebook group. Instead, the Yellow Rocket community is focused on educating and creating actionable steps for success. The founders add, “It is a safe place to fail” but when members have setbacks, the yellow Rocket community offers guidance and a clear plan forward. With this community, a founder can easily move from a gig to a startup to a fully funded business by following the FX3 LABS’ systems and processes.

Co-Founder TJ shares, “The goal is to help the community understand the fundamentals of the technology and how to apply it in business to have a fighting chance in the next digital frontier. Although the Metaverse, NFTs, DAOs, and crypto are buzzwords on everyone’s lips, the actual benefits and possibilities of blockchain technology far exceed what you hear. There’s a reason big business is scrambling for a piece of the action and spending billions on blockchain research and development .”

To level up the educational aspect of the space, the Texas-based company is launching the much-anticipated Yellow Rocket podcast airing 8/15/2022. The BAAS provider offers consultations to help small businesses understand the nuances of the ever-changing digital landscape. Now through the Yellow Rocket podcast, the group is amassing a following of like-minded individuals who want to see small businesses reign in the 21st century. In addition, Yellow Rocket’s organically grown global following includes Web3 curious listeners eager to step into the deep waters of the next iteration of digital growth.

Through the Yellow Rocket community, the founders of FX3 LABS offer more personalized resources and guidance to its members. Every podcast contains gold nuggets for loyal fans and new information for beginners. The engaging segments are reimagining the coming changes to the digital experience, which experts conclude is only 5-10 years away from full implementation.

Yellow Rocket helps members navigate the barriers to blockchain technology like cost-efficiency, scalability, and accessibility. The hosts of Yellow Rocket interview game changers in the industry, discuss the latest blockchain-related news and shares tips on how to start a Web3 business. In addition, listeners go behind the scenes as members walk their journey of launching Web 3 products and services.

Freedom, Fulfillment, and Family are the driving principles behind FX3 LABS. Their next-generation approach to Web3 will provide a level playing field for any size enterprise. As technology moves at warp speed towards Web 3, Yellow Rocket breaks down the differences between blockchain technology and more traditional systems. Thus providing small businesses with the information and resources, they need to prepare for the inevitable digital shift.

The FX3 LABS team comprises a diverse group of friends with a combined 17+ years of military experience. They’ve held C-level, VP, and Director roles for Bank of America, Chase, USAA, and other for-profit and non-profit organizations.

Collectively, they’ve successfully built innovative programs and products from the ground up, managing individual budgets and endowments worth over $150M annually.

They all have a passion for education, serving their community, helping others live in their purpose, and gaining financial security.

FX3 LABS has its finger on the pulse of tomorrow’s technology-driven by a passion for giving back and entrepreneurial spirits. They continually seek new ways to make a social impact with their growing partnerships that span the globe from Lithuania to Dubai, Pakistan, Kenya, the United Kingdom, and more.

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