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Defi Kings to Expand Services Outside of Crypto, Provide Real-World Value to Its Token Holders

Defi Kings Cryptocurrency Token

Cryptocurrency, Defi Kings, announces its first major utility designed to protect crypto users and generate passive income for its token holders.

Crypto is operated very differently than real-world businesses. We believe that is going to change, and we are prepared to lead the way.”
— Chris Hughes
UNITED STATES, August 3, 2022 / -- Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Binance (BNB) may very well be some of the most notable cryptocurrencies in the world. However, as the space evolves, new players arrive on the scene regularly and, in some cases, are delivering amazing innovation while aiming to become the next big project on the blockchain. Defi Kings is one of those newer ones with the same ambitions. Publicly launched on June 13, 2022, the project is described as a hybrid utility/passive-income token. Their mission is to produce profits that are distributed to their token holders.

It’s no secret cryptocurrencies have yet to reach mass-adoption. That’s partially because most of them have no real value, no business model and, in some cases, are launched just to scam would-be investors. The result is skepticism and distrust from much of the general population. Over time, the owners of Defi Kings believe sentiment will improve and crypto will see increased adoption and acceptance. As scammers are found out and legitimate businesses take majority in the space, trust will be built and investing in cryptocurrency will become more mainstream in portfolios.

“It’s just a matter of time before crypto is looked at as a safe alternative to traditional investing,” Chris Hughes, Defi Kings co-owner, said. “It’s definitely not a matter of if it will happen, rather it’s a matter of when. Defi Kings aims to be a beacon of change, specifically within the defi space. We believe in partnerships, collaboration, and offering legitimate products and services that can be offered to those engaged in crypto and those who are not.”

Defi Kings plans to release its first service targeting customers outside of crypto during the first or second quarter of 2023 after launching its blockchain version by 4th quarter 2022. They plan to offer the first crypto based two-way marketplace featuring an escrow service that will be used for transactions completed within the marketplace. The escrow service will also be offered to anyone that wants to use it for exchanging tokens or NFTs, or for people that are using crypto to buy or sell physical goods. They say this service will provide added security for anyone doing business online.

Hughes added, “The amount of people taking advantage of others under the anonymity the crypto world provides, is alarming. We will provide a service that matches prospective buyers with reputable sellers, while also keeping their funds safe from thieves. Additionally, our platform will require any service provider to be verified before we will allow them to do business with us or to be recommended by us. Crypto is operated very differently than real-world businesses. We believe that is going to change, and we are prepared to lead the way.”

Crypto services include blockchain developers, web developers, graphic designers, chat room moderators, and so much more. With most individuals operating anonymously in the defi space, a platform that matches reputable providers with potential customers and offers an escrow service to secure funds should be a welcome option to users and Defi Kings token holders alike. They claim once they launch the off-blockchain version of the service, the options for products and services offered on the platform will be virtually limitless, as credit card and other alternative payments are offered to users. Defi Kings will charge a per transaction fee based on a percentage of the total transaction, although they have not revealed the exact fee structure yet.
Defi Kings shares profits it generates from its services to its token holders that use their King’s Ransom staking feature.

Hughes explains, “Our priority is to earn revenue that can be shared with our token holders. It’s our mission. While we develop bigger utilities with great potential, we are staying true to that mission and have already developed quicker to market services that have started generating income and have shared profits. In less than two months since we publicly launched, we have profit shared over $8,000.00 in USD value. That’s on top of the crypto rewards we distribute based on token trading volume. As we grow to maturity, our goal is to build this business into a multi-million dollar a year distributor of passive income.”

Defi Kings plans to release additional service offerings to the public and believes they will provide an opportunity to create a merging of sorts between the “real world” and the “crypto world”. They claim two additional services are already in the works, with one slated for release late 2022 and one late 2023, although they aren’t divulging any details on them yet.
Defi Kings is based in the United States. Additional information can be found on their official website. The owners have been third-party verified, and their token contract has been audited by two different providers, including InterFi Network, where they also received a certificate for blockchain security.

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Defi Kings
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