Top 10 Wedding Trends for 2022

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OMAHA, NEBRASKA, US, August 2, 2022 / -- As in every year, the wedding world offers its share of novelties and trends. Among these, Spotlight Formal Wear examined the strongest wedding trends of 2022. Here's what the Omaha-based company expects in terms of decoration, fashion, entertainment, and event organization.

1. Open-air Dinners

Brides and grooms-to-be tend to favor outdoor spaces for their reception venue, or any activity and food tasting moments.

"There are still many people who are not super comfortable with the idea of being with many people in a room for hours," reveals Spotlight Formal Wear.

Some of the most popular ways to handle this are:
- A room with large wall windows that open to allow you to see or go outside
- Access to a covered terrace or porch
- A good old-fashioned open tent
- Banqueting under the stars is also becoming more and more common and is appreciated for its vintage and fairy-tale aesthetic, two themes that Spotlight Formal Wear also highlights.

2. Vintage Vibes

Vintage corners are being created in the form of a booth, a cocktail or cigar bar, a photo booth, a resting area or a space dedicated to the guest book. They are equipped with antique furniture and vintage decorative objects whose charm is a major asset that neither the bride nor the groom can resist in 2022.

Other services of the greatest importance in the organization and development of the wedding bring back the classics. Renting a vintage car is one of the most common ways of making the couples' arrivals a memorable experience.

3. Fairytale Lighting

Lighting used to be rather secondary in the decoration of a reception hall, but now it is a major concern. Spotlight Formal Wear sees an incredible amount of dreamy, unique and romantic lighting for weddings in 2022.

String lights are becoming a big trend for outdoor weddings. The goal is to replicate and enhance the look of the wedding venue with a variety of lighting. They are arranged in a starry sky above the heads of the guests but also around the trees and along with the furniture. The idea is also to extend the golden hour, that time of day just before sunset when the light is naturally the most beautiful.

4. Sweets Tables

Omaha brides and grooms are not giving up the cake, as it is the highlight of the banquet. But this year, they prefer to loosen up the protocol, reduce the size of the wedding cake, and opt for more variety rather than having to limit themselves to a single dessert.

To enhance this experience, they are using a sweets table full of original tastes and aesthetics, different pastries, assorted cupcakes, doughnut walls, and personalized cookies.

5. Spontaneous Photography

This trend is not new. For years, brides and grooms have been interested in telling their story as a couple and their wedding, rather than just capturing it with photos.

A wedding should tell the story of the couple. It has to reflect the style, personality and love of the bride and groom, which is the foundation of the mood board from which the theme and style of the wedding are developed.

Fully half of the couples currently choose a spontaneous style of wedding photography when hiring the photographer and defining the service. The same is true for videos, which the bride and groom prefer to be spontaneous and natural, taken discreetly by their professional.

6. Food Trucks

Food trucks are a fun alternative to the traditional wedding dinner. With possible choices of menus and various specialties, it is up to each one of the guests to choose his or her own food truck formula. These are often customized to the theme of the wedding. It is a more affordable option than the traditional caterer, but it doesn't take away the quality of the services offered.

7. Bright Colors are Back

While in recent years weddings have been dominated by pale, neutral and nude tones, 2022 marks the big return of vibrant, bold colors. Color is a sure way to add joy, excitement and a true sense of celebration to a wedding, whether it's small or more elaborate.

Vibrant tones can be incorporated in small or large proportions into many elements: invitations and stationery, décor, flowers, and even the bride and groom's attire.

8. Virtual Invitations

Here's another effect of the pandemic listed by Spotlight Formal Wear: the fear of having to change wedding plans. While virtual invitations don't have the elegance of beautiful paper invitations, especially handwritten ones, they do have two main advantages:
Their instant delivery: They allow you to receive immediate feedback and responses.
Their ability to communicate any changes in plans very quickly, such as the need to reschedule.
Of course, it is possible to print and send paper invitations simultaneously anyway. Especially for the people who are not very comfortable with the Internet. Plus, they can be kept as a souvenir.

9. The Bridgerton Influence

The English Regency era has come back into fashion because of the Netflix series Bridgerton. The vintage look is seen in wedding dresses with:
- Oversized bows
- Puffed sleeves
- Laced boots, gloves
- Embroidered veils
- Ribbons
- Headpieces
- Pastel tones
Old-fashioned floral arrangements
The same vintage feel is also popular in everything related to decoration with copper candle holders, vintage china sets, crystal glassware and fresh or dried flowers.

10. Getting Married Abroad

The idea of going away with family and friends to celebrate love is gaining ground after months of lockdowns and health restrictions. This trend also allows reducing the number of guests as many people are still not comfortable with large groups for long hours in this new normal. It's a way to combine convenience with pleasure.

Spotlight Formal Wear is dedicated to keeping up with the latest each year in the wedding world trends. The Omaha-based company is at your service to provide referrals for decoration, fashion, entertainment, and event organization.

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