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Cynthia Occelli, Acclaimed Author & Celebrity Life Coach, Empowers Women to Emerge Better After Life-Altering Challenges

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, August 3, 2022 / -- Cynthia Occelli, Accomplished Author and Highly-Famed Celebrity Life Coach has a mission to empower women to emerge better after the life-altering challenges of divorce.

"Women navigating the often-treacherous waters of divorce is a mainstay of my practice," says Occelli.

Researchers estimate that 41 percent of all first marriages end in divorce. In the United States, almost 50 percent of all marriages will end in divorce or separation.

"Divorce infiltrates a woman's physical, financial, social, and emotional world and restructures her entire identity. Without intervention, this process usually decimates feelings of well-being, fortitude, and optimism and amplifies stress, scarcity, and fear of the future," adds Occelli.

Women are more likely than men to experience identity issues during and after divorce. Many women focus on being excellent mothers and wives during their marriages, only to experience the abrupt loss of their second self-identity.

With the proper support, divorce can be a transformative experience that removes ambiguity from a woman's life and uncovers her greatest treasures and most profound strengths. "Unlike psychotherapy, my work doesn't focus on the family of origin issues or past traumas. Instead, my work centers on creating new, happier, more prosperous, and fulfilling futures," explains Occelli.

Women who can rebuild their lives after divorce gain confidence, the ability to form healthy relationships, and emerge as stronger individuals.

"My legal education, personal divorce and custody experiences, and nearly 20 years of coaching women combine to offer women in divorce practical, emotional, and spiritual support. Instead of spiraling in fear and feeling alone, I'll walk beside them and keep them on the path to their deepest desires. I'll clear up confusion, identify opportunities and possibilities she's not seeing, and help her process limiting beliefs and fearful thoughts before they take root. This is my mission and domain," concludes Occelli.

Cynthia Occelli

Cynthia is an accomplished author (Resurrecting Venus, Hay House/AMI), mentor, and entrepreneur. A former 9th-grade dropout and welfare mom, Cynthia turned her life around, graduated from law school, built her dream business and home, and successfully raised two conscientious children. Hailed as an American success story, Cynthia was honored by Bill Clinton at the 2016 DNC. Toyota SheROX, Yoga Digest, Ashcroft Capital, Hay House Radio, Unity Online Radio, The Huffington Post, and have featured her story and work. Cynthia leads a community of 60k+ women. She's also a member of Visionary Women. She's currently writing a memoir series intended to give readers a first-person view of the trauma of growing up bi-racial in a racist environment, failing before you launch, soaring to unfathomable heights, and surviving toxic relationships and loss. Stay tuned!

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