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International Order of T. Roosevelt Announces Projects to Save At-Risk Species

International Order of T. Roosevelt


The International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR) announces five flagship projects that protect our natural treasures, heritage and traditions.

NAPLES, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2022 / -- The International Order of T. Roosevelt (IOTR) announces its five Flagship projects that protect our natural treasures while maintaining our American heritage and traditions. These projects transform conservation by doing on-the-ground, in-the-field work that will enable healthy environments and protect at-risk wildlife and their habitats. In the U.S., the IOTR selected three species that need help:

• Improving the Roosevelt Elk's habitat.
Recovering the Greater Sage Grouse's population.
• Increasing the genetic diversity of Louisiana Black Bear so these wildlife populations can flourish.

On the international front, in South Africa, IOTR has partnered with the Ichikowitz Family Foundation to fight the poaching of iconic wildlife - rhinos, elephants, pangolins, and others - through breeding and training canines and their handlers to obtain evidence necessary for convictions of poachers. Teams of canines and their handlers are deployed in Africa and abroad.

Watch IOTR's official video for more insight on IOTR and each of our conservation projects:

In conjunction with its mission to protect at-risk wildlife and their habitats, IOTR believes in maintaining our American heritage by educating youth and using ingenuity through science for stewardship of land, water, fish, and wildlife. IOTR is committed to creating a legacy of history and tradition. For example, we are committed to enhancing and further securing the sustainability of the Louisiana Black Bear, fondly known as Teddy's Bear, named after President Theodore Roosevelt. In 2016, the Louisiana Black Bear was removed from the Endangered Species List, and state and federal agencies were petitioned to re-list the species. To keep the Bear off the List, IOTR will work in partnership with the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries to improve the genetic diversity within the subpopulations through translocation, habitat connectivity improvement, and population monitoring for the health of their ecosystems. IOTR will provide resources to ensure the health of the Louisiana Black Bear population.

"Everyone has a role to play in the conservation of our wildlife and their habitats," stated Aurelia S. Giacometto, CEO of the International Order of T. Roosevelt. "These species that we have selected as our initial Flagship projects are lynchpins in their ecosystems and impact our communities and the development of our resources. I am excited about working on these species that transcend multiple stakeholders."

Future generations deserve to enjoy what has been entrusted to our care. IOTR will make a positive difference in stewardship with the public's help. With the public's and corporations' generous donations, IOTR's proactive work can help save at-risk wildlife and their habitats. Science shows that we can develop our natural resources and have healthy ecosystems at the same time.

Aurelia S. Giacometto, the former Director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, an avid hunter, and outdoorswoman, spearheads the organization as the CEO. The Board of Directors includes Wesley Bates, John Thodos, Lori Clem, Walter Boomer, Mike Ingram, Patrick Hogan, Bill Shields, Rick Steiner, Warren Sackman, Alan Sackman, Jim Mitchell, Randall Garrett, Dan Genter, and Peter Larsen.

About the International Order of T. Roosevelt
More than ever, our wildlife, fish, lands, and traditions that we treasure are at risk. Founded on the conservation ideals of Theodore Roosevelt, the IOTR is committed to our heritage, educating our youth, ingenuity through science, and stewardship that meets today’s conservation challenges. IOTR is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Aurelia S. Giacometto
International Order of T. Roosevelt
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