Dr. Bret Christensen, Orthodontist, Joins Airway Health Solutions Faculty

Dr. Bret Christensen Joins Airway Health Solutions Faculty

Dr. Bret Christensen joins AHS to broaden reach to orthodontists, collaborating on data driven curriculum utilizing Eccovision Rhinometry and Pharyngometry

Breaking away from the traditional model of extractions and headgear for orthodontics is where we should be now, yet there are many orthodontists that still use these antiquated methods.”
— Dr. Bret Christensen
GREATER NYC REGION, NY, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- "At AHS, we have been successful in our peer to peer Mini-Residencies with Dr. Ben Miraglia, Dr. Kevin Boyd and Dr. Michael Gelb, helping general and pediatric dentists incorporate interceptive/expansive airway orthodontics into their practices. By bringing Dr. Bret Christensen on board, we are excited to extend that peer-to-peer learning to the orthodontic community," states Lauren Gueits, CEO, AHS.

Dr. Ben Miraglia, VP Clinical Affairs, AHS, adds, "Bret’s coursework is based on 30 years of firsthand experience navigating from traditional orthodontics to running a complete airway orthodontic practice without using retraction/extraction techniques. We are confident that Bret will ignite the orthodontic community to screen and treat underdeveloped jaws, the main contributor to breathing disorders, malocclusion, and learning/attention deficit issues as early as possible. I am thrilled that Bret and I share the same expansive orthodontic philosophy, “foundation first, teeth second.” This ultimately leads to healthy children who grow up to become healthy adults. We welcome Bret to AHS and look forward to him helping AHS extend our reach to the orthodontic community utilizing his research, providing data driven curriculum."

Dr. Bret Christensen attended Creighton University School of Dentistry in Omaha, Nebraska, with a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1993. Christensen completed his orthodontic residency at the University of Louisville, Kentucky where he not only received his Specialty Certificate in Orthodontics, but also received a Master’s Degree in Oral Biology. In 2019, he received Diplomate status with the ASBA (American Sleep and Breathing Academy).

Christensen has been treating Sleep Disorder Breathing since becoming an orthodontist in 1999. For children, being trained in bio-progressive orthodontics and dentofacial orthopedics, he has been able to treat breathing disorders through growth and development. It is a matter of knowing what is causing the airway obstruction. Treatment could consist of expansion of the upper and/or lower jaws.

Having the right tools is crucial in diagnosing and treatment planning for the patient. Dr. Christensen has invested in the most advanced CT scan (CBCT) machine in the industry and the Eccovision Pharyngometer and Rhinometer use sonar (sound waves) to map the area of the nasal airway and throat (oropharynx) to pinpoint the area of constriction or obstruction of the airway. These tools help determine with more accuracy the effects of maxillary expansion on the nasal airway and oral volume. Dr Christensen has set the parameters for the use of the Rhinometer in maxillary growth and nasal airway development.

When asked why he decided to join AHS Faculty, Christensen responds, “The treatment of patients to improve their airways is the center of what we do. Whether it is a brand-new baby with tongue and lip ties or a 70 year old patient with Obstructive Sleep Apnea, we have successfully treated thousands of patients in the last 20 years. The profession of orthodontics is positioned to be a leader in sleep medicine. The problem is that most orthodontists do not understand airway centric orthodontics and the impact on the overall health of the patient. It is not taught in dental or orthodontic schools. By joining AHS as a faculty member, my goal in the next 10 years is to train as many orthodontists/dentists to treat their patients with an airway focus and with data driven results. Ultimately, I would like to change the curriculum in dental schools and orthodontics schools to include sleep medicine and airway treatment. Being a faculty member alongside Ben Miraglia, Kevin Boyd and Michael Gelb will help to complete a comprehensive approach for children and adults. Breaking away from the traditional model of extractions and headgear for orthodontics is where we should be now, yet there are many orthodontists that still use these antiquated methods. With the avenues of webinars, mini-residencies and live courses the AHS platform provides, we will be able to advance the training of more doctors than ever before."

Gueits concludes, "Our goal at AHS is to help as many children breathe, sleep and thrive as early as possible. With Dr. Christensen on board, we will now extend this reach to the orthodontic community to integrate data driven interceptive orthodontics."

*Save the dates: AHS Conversation with Dr. Bret Christensen, Oct 5, 2022- 8pm ET and our new Orthodontic Mini-Residency April 14, 2023.*

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