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Athletic Mission Tulsa Baseball Academy Now Offering a Remote “Dominating The Plate” Eight-Week Program

Athletic Mission Tulsa Baseball Academy

Geoff Rottmayer

The program teaches participants how to read and study pitchers and become a more confident hitter

TULSA, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2022 / -- Athletic Mission Tulsa Baseball Academy is now offering “Dominating The Plate,” an eight-week remote hitting program designed to help hitters be more confident, consistent and self-reliant.

Geoff Rottmayer, the owner of Athletic Mission Tulsa Baseball Academy, said the program will work with hitters to find out where they are currently at, create a mindset shift to develop new habits and create processes and routines that are unique for each hitter.

Another goal of the program, Rottmayer said, is to teach hitters how to organize their thoughts so they can get out of self-focus mentality and instead focus on their game plan and on the opponent.

In addition, the program will teach hitters how to read and study pitchers, how to develop a game plan for individual pitchers and provide hitter-students with a year-round plan that tells them what they need to do and when they need to do it.

Athletic Mission Tulsa Baseball Academy is a program based training facility for advanced level hitters who are looking for a mental, strategic and physical skills development approach to helping them dominate today and continue to learn, grow and compete at the highest levels of baseball in the future.

The academy is for advanced players, said Rottmayer, who was drafted by the Florida Marlins and has more than 17 years of coaching and has mentored hundreds of players through the college recruiting process.

“We help players with solid foundations take their skills and use it against the opponent, which is really about helping them develop the right mindset and organizing their thoughts that get them out of ‘self’ and onto the pitcher and their game plan.”

If you are a pitcher or hitter struggling with consistency and confidence, “Athletic Mission helps you become a confident big game pitcher or a clutch hitter who thrives under pressure for your high school team,” Rottmayer said.

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