New Auto Dealer Heavy-Duty Turntable Available For Monthly Price

EZ360 Turntable

EZ360 Turntable

Automation saves money

Automation saves money

Clay Cooley CDJR 2021 Dodge Charger red CVDP

Clay Cooley CDJR 2021 Dodge Charger red CVDP

EZ360 now offers the turntable in a turnkey photo subscription package instead of a large upfront capital purchase.

18’ turntables typically cost $30,000 installed. That’s a large capital investment. So we made this turntable easy to purchase with an affordable price of just $695 per month.”
— EZ360 CEO Israel Alpert

DALLAS, TX, USA, July 29, 2022 / -- EZ360 announces its new Heavy-Duty 18′ Turntable for auto dealers is available for $695 per month. The turntable is designed and manufactured in the USA. It's large enough to handle every vehicle in an auto dealer's inventory, including full bed double cab F-350 & F-450’s.

The EZ360 turntable is designed for long life and easy maintenance so it will look new for many years. The steel frame is galvanized. The corrosion-proof tops are made of reinforced fiberglass that will never rust – just like Corvettes and boats. The fiberglass tops repel salt and snow and are easy to clean. The turntable even comes with a floor-cleaning buffing machine.

EZ360 CEO Israel Alpert said “We’re extremely proud of this turntable. We spent a year in design, engineering, and testing to develop a unique table for car dealers that outperforms and will outlast others in the market. It provides outstanding corrosion and scuff resistance and can be customized with a variety of tops.”

“We also worked on its affordability. 18’ turntables typically cost $30,000 installed. That’s a large capital investment, especially in today's difficult auto industry environment. So we made this turntable easy to purchase with an affordable monthly price of just $695. We included cameras and software so auto dealers don't have to buy any other equipment."


EZ360 packages the turntable as a turnkey 360 spin photography solution. Shipping and installation are included. Dealers get a full set of cameras and vehicle photo software at no extra cost.

The $695 per month EZ360 turntable price includes four 4K cameras - 2 fixed cameras for consistent and reliable spins, a mobile camera for vehicle details, and an interior panorama 360 camera. It comes with the EZPi computer, monitors, and a workbench. The spin cameras are fixed to the wall and controlled by the EZPi. The software is so powerful that EZ360 support staff can log into the cameras for real-time troubleshooting and hands-on training.

The EZ360 software enables automated vehicle photography. Just click the camera and turntable remote to start the 360 degree spin. It's so easy to use that anybody can be a photographer. A full production with spin, interior 360, and detail photos takes just 7-10 minutes to shoot. The pictures are published instantly.

The turntable package features 4K pictures so the dealer can stand above the competition. The pictures are uploaded automatically to the Amazon cloud and displayed to web visitors instantly in 4K format (16x times bigger than HD). Web buyers can use mobile devices and high-definition monitors to zoom in and see closeup details and even blemishes as if they were in the showroom.

Designing a complete photo studio? EZ360 can easily upgrade the turntable offering. Complete studios can be provided with lights, photographic plastic walls, and reflective epoxy floors for ideal lighting. Premium software includes merchandising and AI software for cropping and enhancement.


EZ360 provides the ONLY wall-to-wall photo studio with 4K pictures and full-screen custom VDP so you can compete against Carvana. The custom-built photo studio features 300,000 lumens LED light, diffuser, and photographic plastic walls with rounded corners so you can take beautiful and consistent photos from every angle. The 18′ heavy-duty turntable provides perfect spins at the click of a remote. There is no need to Push a Booth!

EZ360 automation lets you turn around and shoot a vehicle in less than 10 minutes. Photos can be taken by a detailer and are instantly published on your website. Our computer vision software – Smart Crop and Smart Enhancer – automates photo post-processing that used to take hours per day. Visit, get a quote, or call (888) 88-EZ360 (888-883-9360).

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