Celebrating little milestones and DEI reduces team burnout and boosts productivity for startups- The CoBuilders CEO

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By taking the time to celebrate the small wins and using DEI to make decisions, teams can avoid burnout and stay productive, and startup businesses can succeed.

Everything about the individual is essential to me as the CEO”
— CEO, Bukola Michael Nelson
FORT WORTH, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Starting a new business always puts everyone under a lot of pressure. In today's fast-paced and constantly evolving work environment, startups need to think and act fast, learn how to avoid headwinds, and tackle tailwinds to their advantage.

Unless they handle the pressure well, the startup team could end up burned out, unmotivated and alienated. More than ever, it's crucial for companies to take measures to prevent team burnout and boost productivity. The ultimate goal for most businesses starting up is to become a force of change in the market and make profitable sales, but the journey to reach that goal does not happen overnight. We all have to take baby steps. Success is not a one-time event but a continuous journey.

Burnout is a serious issue that can impact any business, but it can be especially harmful to startup businesses. Burnout can decrease productivity, creativity, and morale, ultimately failing a startup. There are ways to prevent or reduce the risk of burnout in a startup, like creating a positive work culture, setting realistic goals, and taking time for self-care.

We at The CoBuilders company found that one way to achieve success is by celebrating little milestones and using diversity, equity, and inclusion, or DEI, as a critical part of any business strategy.

Celebrating little milestones
We at The CoBuilders manage the pressure by celebrating milestones as a team: every achievement, whether big or small, matters. For instance, we celebrate a logic that the engineering team got right or when a notable publisher picked up a press release. We celebrate the fast approval of our The CoBuilders app by the two major app stores. We celebrate ten downloads of our apps, then 200, and so on.

We also celebrate team members' events and life happenings like marriages or cultural holidays. On some calls, we spend the first 15 minutes sharing how we spent the weekend. We celebrate happy moments and empathize with teams who, for instance, had a child who fell and got hurt during the weekend.

Everything about the individual is essential to me as the CEO. I have often asked team members to take time off to recharge even when we are under pressure to meet a deadline. Fortunately, the practice has kept us motivated and hyper-productive while avoiding burnout.

Using DEI practices to mitigate burnout
Diversity, equality, and inclusion, or DEI, is a critical component of success for businesses of all sizes and industries. For businesses to succeed, they must embrace DEI as part of their culture and use it to create an inclusive environment where employees feel valued and contribute to the company's success.

At The CoBuilders, we take DEI seriously. DEI, for us, is organizational culture. Although we come from different cultures, we celebrate all holidays and festivals with all our employees. We exchange cultural and folklore music and share pictures of local events.

The career growth of our employees is essential, and we prepare them by letting them participate in operational meetings. We instill in our employees' minds respect, fairness, and acceptance. We hire employees based on qualifications and provide mentorship to new talents.

Every employee matters
At The CoBuilders company, department teams complement each other to prohibit burnout and boost productivity. When employees realize that the company values their contribution and performance, they stay and celebrate the company's success when they know that there is room for growth. We believe that happy and contented workers give 100 percent back.

The CoBuilders company promotes a family-friendly and people-first work environment. We make sure that every employee feels a sense of belongingness. For instance, we evaluate every time we create products to ensure everyone feels they are included. The company believes that the voice of each employee matters.

By taking the time to celebrate the small wins and using DEI to make decisions, teams can avoid burnout and stay productive, and startup businesses can succeed.

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