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Beautinow Reveals 4 Trending Perfume Brands for This Summer

For those who are not sure about what Summer fragrance to wear, Beautinow has revealed 4 trending niche perfume brand based on their company sales statistics.

THE NETHERLANDS, July 22, 2022 / -- There are many reasons why people wear perfume in the Summertime. For some, it is the simple enjoyment of a pleasant scent that matches their Summer mood. Others may choose to wear perfume as a way to feel more confident and attractive when meeting others outdoors. Whatever the reason, niche perfume e-tailer Beautinow is convinced that Summer is the most fun season to wear fragrances.

There are many types of perfumes that people wear during the Summer months. Some of the more popular scents include citrus, floral, and aquatic notes. Many people also prefer lighter fragrances during the warmer months. For those who are not sure where to start, Beautinow has revealed 4 trending niche perfume brand based on their company sales statistics:

Roja Parfums
Roja Parfums is a professional perfume brand that creates luxurious and high-quality fragrances. Founded by Roja Dove, a world-renowned perfumer, the brand is known for its attention to detail and commitment to only using the finest ingredients. The most popular Roja fragrance is the Vetiver Pour Homme Cologne. It's woody, fresh, green, yet spicy making it a perfect scent for men to stand out this Summer.

Goutal is a professional perfume brand that has been in existence since 1881. The company was founded by Annick Goutal and is currently run by her grandson, Camille Goutal. The brand is known for its high quality products and unique packaging. Goutal perfumes are available in a variety of different scents, and each one is designed to suit a different occasion or mood.

The absolute most popular Goutal Paris scent is the Le Chevrefeuille Eau de Toilette. It's characterised by a mysterious green, floral and citrus scent. It's the number one choice for fragrance lovers who are looking for a super fresh Summer scent.

For as long as founder ZARKO AHLMANN PAVLOV can remember, he has dreamt of creating a fragrance that captures the singular climate, lifestyle and aesthetics of his native Scandinavia. In 2008 he decided to realise his dream, and began studying the art of creating fragrances. It has been an intense and often difficult journey – and coming to the conclusion that it's a life-long endeavour. Zarkoperfume's The Muse is the winner of this Summer with a clean scent that's soapy and laundry like.

Pierre Guilamme
According to Pierre Guillamme, a perfume is a wonderful self-enhancer and an artistic expression of a scientific discipline by combining technique and poetry.

Pierre Guilamme's Le Musc & La Peau Eau de Parfum is a clean and fresh style of scent. It's the ultimate aquatic, comforting Summer scent that everyone around you will notice and love.

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