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A Local Pressure Washing Company Educates Homeowners on the Importance of Pressure Washing & Gutter Cleaning

pressure washing for a home in Palm Harbor

pressure washing for a home in Palm Harbor

Many homeowners in Florida don't recognize the importance of exterior cleaning services. The team at ProClean is here to change that!

PALM HARBOR, FL, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2022 / -- A local Palm Harbor pressure washing company dedicates its resources to educating homeowners on the importance of pressure washing. “With the stormy season arriving in Florida, it’s vital that homeowners plan for pressure washing and needed gutter cleaning,” says Peter, the owner. “Power washing and gutter cleaning for Palm Harbor homes are more vital to its overall condition than many homeowners realize!”

Why should homeowners plan annual power washing for their homes? There are more benefits to this service than property owners realize, note the owners of ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor. “Storm debris clinging to roofs and exterior walls hold moisture against those materials, risking water damage. Sand and silt also make their way between roof shingles, tiles, and flashing, also leading to premature damage and shingle loss.”

There are even more benefits to pressure washing, especially for those who spend lots of time outside their home.

“Homeowners might not know that dust, pollen, mold, and other irritants cling to outdoor surfaces. Consequently, anyone with breathing issues can find enjoying their deck or patio difficult!”

Regular pressure washing for Palm Harbor properties helps remove those bothersome materials, improving outdoor air quality. “Washing away mold and algae are also important for Florida homes,” say the owner of ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor. “With the area’s high humidity levels, mold, algae, moss, and mildew grow and spread more quickly than on properties in other areas.” Other than breathing sensitivities, is there any reason to invest in regular power washing and mold removal? “Mold and algae especially are damaging to roofing shingles, tiles, and flashing. Algae eat away at asphalt shingles while mold and other irritants work their way underneath those materials. If you leave that mold and algae untouched, you risk losing shingles in high winds and heavy rains.”

Along with regular power washing, Peter strongly recommends professional gutter cleaning for Palm Harbor homes. “If you’ve been putting off gutter cleaning, it’s time to call our crew!” they emphasize. “The sole purpose of gutters is to catch rainwater and other moisture that rolls off a roof and then direct it to nearby downspouts. Those downspouts continue directing that moisture away from the home.”

Why is this process so vital for homes? “Without clean, effective gutters, rainwater runs down exterior walls and then collects around a home’s foundation. This risks damaged brick and siding as well as damaged foundation concrete.” The owners of ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor also stress how clogged gutters can detract from a home’s curb appeal.

“Dirty rainwater running down a home’s windows and exterior walls can mean streaks and mud, making your house look run down and dingy.”

Additionally, gutter cleaning protects a home’s roof. How so? “Roof eaves tend to absorb standing water in a gutter,” explains the owner of ProClean. “That water risks damage to asphalt shingles while also encouraging mold and algae growth.” Cleaning gutters then means avoiding costly roof damage. “Standing water in the gutters also attracts insects, which can make your outdoor space very uninviting.”

While regular pressure washing in Palm Harbor seems like a good idea for homeowners, why can’t they simply manage this task on their own? “We never encourage homeowners to use a power washer,” explains the owner of ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor. “Too much pressure is a great way to strip shingle granules and split clay tiles. You can also dislodge roofing materials or etch exterior brick and plaster walls. You can also outright shatter window glass!” Are those the only reasons to avoid DIY pressure washing? “Power washing is actually more dangerous than property owners often realize,” notes Peter. “Messy splatter can even mean more of a mess than you started with.”

ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor is now accepting appointments for FREE quotes for pressure washing in Palm Harbor. The company is also fully licensed and insured and offers a customer satisfaction guarantee on every project.

To find out more about power washing and gutter cleaning for your property, the owners of ProClean Pressure Washing Palm Harbor invite you to give them a call.

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